August 20, 2014

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This and That — Visitors from China PDF Print E-mail
Friday, January 24, 2014 9:16 PM

China has always seemed so far, far away… and it is so far away. However, the Chinese visitors who are house guests of my sister, Beth Metzger, have brought me a little bit closer to that far-away world.

Jane Zhang, the 42-year-old teacher, who is one of her guests, remarked that Russia is the largest country in the world Canada coming in second, then comes China, with the United States coming in fourth. China is bordered by many countries, including: Russia, Mongolia, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar (formerly Burma), India, Nepal, Rhutan, Pakistan, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Tahkistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Bodies of water on their southeast border are the Yellow Sea, East China Sea and the Sea of Japan (East Sea). The Yellow River is a large river in China. The island of Taiwan is Chinese but independent of Communist China. Beijing is the capital of China, located in the northern part of the country. Hong Kong and Shanghai are very large cities, which are located in the southern part of China.

Our visitors from China are from the city of Fushun, in the northern province of LiaoNing. The population of Fushun is over two million. For traveling to America, they had a 12 hour train ride from Fushun to Beijing, then 12 hours by air to the Detroit Airport. Ten of the students are attending Temple Christian and 14 students are attending school in Toledo and a teacher is with each group. All the students are 13 years old. Leo Yin, Eileen Zhou and their teacher Jane Zhang are guests at the Metzger home, north of Delphos. Jane said she is very happy to be in the country, because she is from a farm. Her parents are peasants on a 20 mu farm. Corn is their main crop but they raise some soybeans. Their garden vegetables are potatoes, Chinese cabbage, celery, spinach, lettuce, cucumbers, green peppers, etc. Jane feels right at home in the barn. She and Leo even helped clean stalls. Beth has horses, chickens, goats, cats and dogs. She raises Australian Healers, with a litter of 10 puppies in the basement right now.

China has a policy or law of one child per family. Jane said this is expected to change in the future, because their leaders are realizing that in the not to distant future, they will have old people with not enough young people to take care of the old folks.

It is interesting to know that all the visitors have an American name, as well as their Chinese name, such as: Jane’s Chinese name is Liping Zhang, Christina is Mingao Sun, Eileen is Zilin Zhou, Leo is Wenhao Yin, Andy is Guanyu Wang Jane (student) is Xinzhu Zhang and Coffee is Zhan Jin.

Since Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day and a free day from school, Beth took her guests on a tour of the Amish country near Kenton. They were able to talk to some of the Amish and allowed them to have their photo taken with the horses. They made sure that the Amish boy was not facing the camera. They visited a bent wood furniture factory and saw “corn shocks in the fields.”

Due to this “Arctic Blast” that is sweeping Ohio, they had two days of school and two “snow days” at Temple Christian, including Friday (yesterday). They had company from Toledo, including the people in charge of the group, who came to “look their place over” and take pictures to be sent back to parents of the students. They were pleased with what they found. On Thursday, the Lima area students were able to attend Kenzie Suever’s basketball game at Temple Christian. The kids love to play games or watch movies on their electronic gadgets. Today they had fun playing an old fashioned American game, pick-up-sticks.

They are enjoying their visit to Delphos and Lima. Liping (Jane) Zhang said people are so hospitable and friendly…everyone waves to them. She also noted that everything is so clean and one big difference between countries is that almost everyone here has a religion, and many people practice it by attending church. Jane said she believes in God, and believes that God sent her out to “the farm”, but she did not know who we refer to as Jesus, so we tried explaining it with a triangle or three leaf clover, the Shamrock.

Some things are the same…like when I had to watch “Downton Abbey” on Public TV, Jane (Xinzhu) Zhang said she and her mother watch it, too, except that they watch it in Chinese.

At this time, a young man from Fort Jennings, Neil Kimmet is teaching English in China.

Our world is shrinking.



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