September 1, 2014

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Window to the Past — Judge Killits denies story in Lima newspaper PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, February 22, 2014 9:00 PM

Judge John Killits, of the Federal court at Toledo, absolutely denies having “delivered a tirade against Delphos” as a Lima paper puts it.

This Lima publication states that Judge Killits called Delphos “the most flagrant violator of liquor laws we have encountered.”

This statement is alleged to have been made concerning this city in connection with a liquor case which came before Judge Killits, in which the principal person involved resides southwest of Delphos.

The Herald took occasion to communicate with Judge Killits personally by Friday and to ask him to the correctness of the report.

He stated that he had not mentioned Delphos in his remarks Thursday; that the report concerning his indictment of this city was absolutely without foundation and that it probably emanated from the brain of a reporter who desired to make a good story.

Delphos Herald,

Dec. 7, 1928


Bowling League

Formed Here

Bowling is taking its place among the major sports in Delphos and is rapidly finding its way into popular favor.

A Major Bowling League is being formed here at the present time. It will be sponsored by four local merchants and the Royal Alleys and the games will be rolled at that place.

The best bowling talent in the city is expected to be included in the league. Each team will roll once each week.

Prizes amounting to $50 in merchandise and cash are to be offered, and all of the members of several teams in the league will be eligible for these prizes.

The league is scheduled to get underway next week. It is being sponsored by the Boston Store, Eagle Shoe Store, Odenweller’s Clothing Store, the Crescent Laundry and the Royal Alleys.

Personal of the teams will be announced soon.

Delphos Herald,

Dec. 7, 1927


New Use Found

For Electric Chair

A new use for the electric chair has been found. Instead of curtailing life it can now be used to extend it.

Such a chair was shown at the New Health exhibition at the Royal Horticultural Hall, Westminster, London, recently.

Its object is to assist in the fashionable cult of the day by making women slimmer. It is claimed that ten minutes of its vibratory massage is the equivalent of an hour’s horse riding or some other strenuous exercise.

Delphos Herald,

Dec. 5, 1928


Radio Features

WEAF, hook up 8 p.m. Goldman Band Concert.

WFAA, Dallas 476 - 10 p.m. Aida Choral Club.

KDKA, Pittsburgh 309 - 8 p.m. KDKA Septet.

KTH5, Hot Springs 375 - 10 p.m. Light Opera.

WOO, Philadelphia, 508 - 9 p.m. Special April 1 program.

Delphos Herald,

Mar. 31, 1927


One of the Earliest

Pioneers of Delphos Dies

Mrs. Louis Mueller, of West First Street, received word telling of the death of her uncle, David Beckman, a former resident of Delphos. Mr. Beckman passed away at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Louis Brink of Toledo. His death resulted from infirmities due to his old age.

He was past ninety-seven years of age.

Mr. Beckman was born in Germany in 1831. When he was twelve years of age he came to America with his parents, first settling in Delphos, which was then a dense woods. Father Bredeick was also in the company with the Beckman family, crossing the ocean on the same boat. They were among the first settler in this city. Local people have often heard interesting but pitiful stories related by Mr. Beckman when he told them of the hardships the first settlers had to encounter when striving to build up the city.

Mr. Beckman was united in marriage to Miss Frances Gerker. She preceded him in death about 15 years ago.

The many friends and acquaintances of the deceased man in Delphos and surrounding country will be sorry to learn of his demise.

Delphos Herald,

Dec. 14, 1928


Bout Won By

Colored Van Wert


Dude Evans, Van Wert colored fighter who has appeared on cards in Delphos and is well-known to the fight fans in this city, was the winner of a preliminary bout at Ft. Wayne, Wednesday night.

Referring to the fight, the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette says: “The second preliminary ended after four rounds, with Dude Evans the winner over Battling Gans, both of them colored. Evans was outweighed 16 pounds, but his superior boxing skill more than overbalanced this disadvantage. Gans, an extremely well-built fellow, made a good fight of it and appears to have some prospects as a fighter.

Delphos Herald,

Dec. 13, 1928


Carl Dienstberger

Broadcasts From Detroit

Delphos radio fans have an opportunity to hear a Delphos boy regularly broadcasting from Detroit.

Carl Dienstberger, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dienstberger, East Fifth street, is director of two orchestras which broadcast from two Detroit radio stations, WWJ and WJR.

Carl Dienstberger’s Harlum Hotel orchestra broadcasts over WWJ between the hours of 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. every night except Saturday and Sunday. His Eastern Star orchestra broadcasts from the Book-Cadillac Hotel over WJR between 10:00 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. nearly every night except Monday and Tuesday.

Delphos Herald,

Dec. 13, 1928


Charles Myers

Files Bankruptcy

Charles Myers filed a petition in voluntary bankruptcy Tuesday morning.

Mr. Myers has been conducting a dry cleaning and ladies ready-to-wear business in the Cook building for several years past.

Delphos Herald,

Dec. 11, 1928


Delphos Pitcher Bought

By Cubs For $20,000

Delphos baseball fans, most of whom are great admirers of Berly Horne, will be pleased to know that he is to become a member of the Chicago Cubs, National League team.

Horne has played with Delphos against Lima in the fall series for three seasons past.

The Jersey City club of the International league sold pitcher Berly Horne to the Chicago Cubs for $20,000. (Would that be like $200,000 in today’s dollars?) Horne pitched in 42 games last season, winning 18 and losing 10.

Delphos Herald,

Dec. 13, 1928


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