September 3, 2014

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Saturday, March 01, 2014 9:00 PM


There has been much controversy over the past several months regarding the potential building of a Dollar General just outside the Village of Ottoville.

I am writing this letter to let the public know that myself and others are NOT in favor of the proposed location, directly across from Ottoville Local School. US 224 is a 50-mph zone in front of the proposed location. In conversations with an engineer at ODOT, this stands to remain a 50-mph zone even with the development of a Dollar General. This is a matter of public safety when it comes to the children of Ottoville.

There are residents that are in favor of a Dollar General coming to town, and there are residents that are opposed to Dollar General coming to town. All residents I’ve spoken with; are opposed to the proposed location for safety reasons.

Ottoville Village Council (of which I am a member) voted on Monday to allow the developer to tap into the forced main for reasons of hooking to the village’s sewer system. I voted against allowing this to happen. This proposed development will have to request annexation to the village and also will have to ask for a change in zoning from agricultural to commercial. I will vote against these requests as well.

Over the course of the past several months, we have heard from many residents, business owners and school officials that oppose the proposed location. At Monday’s meeting, there were, for the first time, several people who spoke in favor of having a Dollar General coming to town. While I respect their opinions, I found two things to be very ironic:

1. None mentioned the location, only the fact that they were in favor of a Dollar General.

2. None of those who spoke have a child or grandchild attending Ottoville Local School.

I think it’s irresponsible to allow a retail store to be located directly across a 50-mph highway from our school; that will attract children of all ages. Our school system has done an excellent job by building a walk bridge from the park to the school to funnel traffic away from the highway. They also bus all students from town in another attempt to protect them from having to walk along or across a highway. I will not someday be held responsible when a child is injured or killed attempting to cross a 50-mph highway to access a Dollar General. Children are our future, and I will not stand by and see them put in harm’s way by those whose only concern is the bottom line.

Tony Langhals

Ottoville Village Council


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