September 1, 2014

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Thrift Shop hallway brings safety, convenience PDF Print E-mail
Friday, March 07, 2014 9:00 PM


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DELPHOS — The Interfaith Thrift Store’s customers and staff find the hallway connecting the main store to the annex a hit. Not only does the access add convenience while shoppers meander searching for bargains and workers pull carts full of merchandise between both buildings, it adds safety, security and has increased the bottom line.

Retail Coordinator/Storage Assistant Kelly Williams said while people shopped Thursday night, she was aware of many of them taking notice of and commenting on the hallway.

“It’s really nice for the customers and everybody uses it,” Williams said. “It’s a straight-of-way to take racks back and forth from here in the main storeroom over to the annex.”

Prior to the construction of the new hallway, all merchandise — and anything else needed at the annex — had to be carted through the main store out the front door and down the street, no matter the weather conditions.

”Now, we don’t have to deal with the weather in that way and neither do our customers,” Williams said.

Customers agree. Paula Bigham said she was here (in the annex) at Christmastime and thought it was really nice.

“I like it, no wait. I love it that they have formed a connection and have more room for more merchandise,” Bigham said excitedly.

Administrative Assistant Mary Jo Behrns said it adds safety for our workers who used to have to lift heavy racks of clothes or carts of merchandise up into and through the annex doorway.

“It’s also easier for workers in the annex to come over and access the restroom,” Behrns said.

Megan Smith and John Smith, who live in Lima, said they come into the store and shop on a regular basis.

“The annex is something new,” John said. “We really like this one — the organization, how clean it is and how nice the people are.”

Executive Director Becky Strayer said it has already attributed to an increase in sales in the annex area.

“We can get more merchandise out of the storeroom and onto the floor,” Strayer explained.

Customers Richard and Betty Cole drive from Bluffton almost every Friday to shop in the store.

“We’ve been to other shops and we like this one the best,” Cole said.


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