August 21, 2014

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Saturday, March 22, 2014 8:00 PM

We see countless stories about the current economy and the destruction of people’s lives and livelihoods. Heck, we don’t need to watch the news or read about. Some of you, your neighbors or someone you know is going through it.

We need to see more of how some people, communities, groups, whoever, are making it. Some are making it.

We need to get up and do something. We are sitting around complaining and waiting and whining for someone to fix our problems for us while we run around in circles with our hands in the air.


My boss gave me a book more than four years ago. It still sits on the shelf in the newsroom. Perhaps you remember the story about the community that read “Community Capitalism: Lessons from Kalamazoo and Beyond” by Ron Kitchens with Daniel Gross and Heather Smith. It’s the story of how Kalamazoo, Mich., didn’t look for or take government handouts when they were down, they pulled up their boot straps, looked around, gathered their strengths and saved their community.

The goal was to build the city’s infrastructure that retains and attracts business. Better yet, they used the resources they had to build HOPE. A very important key for our very existence.

The residents of Newark were going to try the same thing. Why not? At least they’re trying.

I have a copy of the book. Get one. They’re not expensive. Let me know what you think. Let me know when someone’s ready try it. The investment in the small hardcover tomb seems to be worth it. What started out as one small book turned into hundreds. They were pressed into the hands of farmers, bankers and everyone in between. Everyone has something to give and everyone needs to give.

There are possibilities here. All is not lost. There is potential. The groundwork has been laid.

People are working on good, positive things. Good, positive things are happening.

Let’s keep moving in the right direction. We think some things will never change and that is so true, especially if no one tries.

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