September 1, 2014

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Friday, March 21, 2014 8:12 PM



By this time, I was hoping that we’d have more signs of Spring. I did see some robins, and there’s just a few small piles of snow left here and there; but the biggest sign of Spring to me was all the garden seeds and supplies I saw at a couple of the stores I visited this week. How does that commercial put it? I think it goes, “winter is closed, and the world is open!” Hooray!

Speaking of open, the new inside doorway is now open and usable giving complete access to and from the Annex and the main Thrift Shop building. It’s great and is being thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by the shoppers as well as the personnel. The new carpet looks great. Shoppers can still access the Annex through the front door on Main Street as well, and proceed from there to browse the departments in the main building. At the recent board meeting, it was decided that shoppers will still need to continue to pay for their purchases in each of the different sections — Boutique, Annex and General Merchandise. As was the practice before, selected items need to be paid for before leaving that particular department area.

Our Social Services Director Becky Strayer is putting the final touches on organizing six seminars to be presented at the Supper’s On Us meal site. Materials for the seminars is being provided through the Ohio State Extension Office. The directors were informed that April is Financial Literacy Month and seminars are currently being planned around that theme as well.

The first Life Skills seminar will be March 27 at the Suppers On Us meal site at Trinity United Methodist Church and will be on the topic of “Nutrition: Making good healthy choices.” Topics for April 3 and 10 will be “Budgeting — setting one up and following it.”

If you’d like more information about the times, dates and place, call 419-692-2942 or stop in at the Thrift Shop and ask. We’re excited about presenting these materials because education is a key tool in developing good life skills to anyone that might need some extra help and guidance. The Thrift Shop is not just about giving a hand-out, it’s also a hand-up, and being able to present these seminars expands on our mission of helping those in need.

Have you seen the show “Say Yes to the Dress?” A shopper recently experienced that feeling in the Bridal Department and it was captured in a picture that was presented at the board meeting. We were all teary-eyed when we saw how absolutely stunning the bride-to-be looked in that amazing dress. I simply cannot emphasize enough how beautiful she looked. It could not have been more perfect for her. When the tears flow, that’s how you know you’re supposed to say yes to the dress. Pictured in that gorgeous dress, she took our breath away, as I’m sure she’ll do to everyone, including her groom-in-waiting, as she takes that walk down the aisle.

If you haven’t had the chance to browse around the Annex, plan to make some time to do that. We also have First Communion dresses, veils and dress suits for little boys and men, too. Mom, don’t forget that you can find a very nice dress for any occasion as well.

Now is a good time to keep the Thrift Shop in mind as your high school graduate or college student begins to plan for that apartment for the next school year. You can find all sorts of things in the housewares department and the bedding department. There’s pictures, frames, lamps, blenders, mixers, glassware of all kinds, rugs, shower curtains, bed spreads — well if you’re needing it, we probably have it. Come and take a look.

Shoppers are reminded that the Thrift Shop will be closed on April 17 and April 18 but will have regular hours from 9 a.m. to noon on April 19.

Until the next time, that’s this month’s report.


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