September 2, 2014

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Hear, hear, for sportsmanship! PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, March 29, 2014 8:00 PM



Sports Editor

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I liked how two legendary college basketball coaches handled recent failures in last weekend’s NCAA Men’s March Madness.

Duke’s Coach K (cause no one can spell Krzyzewski without looking it up!) and North Carolina’s Roy Williams handled their losses with class.

Coach K went into the locker room to congratulate Mercer for how well it played during that second-round contest.

I may not be a Duke fan but everyone should appreciate class when they see it.

After the Tar Heels’ “controversial” — I think the referees got it right, even though I had UNC making it to the Elite 8 in my bracket (darn it!) — loss to Iowa State because of a snafu with the clock in the last two seconds, Williams simply accepted the explanation by the referees, congratulated “The Mayor”, Fred Hoiberg, and refused to blame the officials in the post-game press conference.

There have been some that weren’t as gracious in their assessment, though they weren’t vicious at all. Mostly, it was mild; quite frankly, it was a not-very-controversial controversy after all.

Sportsmanship is not dead!


Some can, some can’t.

I refer to the recent release by the New York J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets! of erstwhile quarterback and resident pretty boy Mark Sanchez.

Sanchez basically did not play this year due to injury and lost his job to Geno Smith — or will it be newly-signed Michael Vick under center come September?

In all honesty, Sanchez was a victim of the circus known as the New York media market.

He had a great pedigree, coming out of the “California surfer dude” mentality that is the University of Southern California — usually a pretty good football team, too, until the last few years with the fiasco that was Pete Carroll, Reggie Bush and Lane Kiffin.

However, he just never really seemed accepted in the Big Apple, a market that can chew up and spit up even the best.

He was never given due credit for taking the Jets to the 2009 and ’10 AFC Championship games.

Let’s face it: the defense — led by Revis and Company — got most of the ink, as did a certain head coach who will not be named but whose initials are Rex Ryan!

Let’s give credit where credit is due: Rex can coach the living daylights out of the defensive side but his offense is, well, somewhat offensive.

He had to face even more ridiculous scrutiny when the Jets brought in Tim Tebow to — do what?

Then throw in the problems the team had putting weapons around him — look at the moves they have made in free agency and likely the draft to surround Geno with better weapons.

I write all this as one who is not a Jets’ fan — if you think this is bad, you ought to read my mind about what I truly think about Mr. Jerry Jones! You will need counseling afterward!

I just feel bad for a guy who is an NFL quarterback but, unfortunately, will more likely be remembered for the famous — or is it infamous? — Butt Fumble that was the star replay on ESPN for a ton of weeks.

Here is my guess: Sanchez — only 27 — will take a pay cut to play somewhere more out of the media spotlight and he will get back to his first two years’ success and even more.

Hey, Dallas … never mind. I wonder if he could handle THAT?


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