September 1, 2014

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In the Waiting Room - Where does the time go? PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, April 03, 2014 8:00 PM

It is finally April and spring is in the air. I hope so anyway. It has seemed like a long time coming this year and we really deserve the nice weather. It was quite a winter we had but now we can say we survived the “Polar Vortex of 2014.”

With spring comes children learning to ride their bicycles and skinned knees, proms and broken hearts and graduations and graduation parties. It is a time of passages. A time when our kids get ready to transition from one grade to another, sometimes from one school to another.

It is always an exciting time, but the changes can also leave you a little sad. Even when you are proud and a little relieved that your child is going to graduate from high school, it can be a little hard to believe that the little child with the pudgy fingers and dirty face that you were just pushing on a swing yesterday is now getting measured for a cap and gown.

Where does the time go? Time seems to move in fits and starts. One minute dragging on forever as you look forward to the time when your child can get himself ready for school in the morning. The next whizzing by as you realize that that same kid is now driving himself to school in the morning.

Where does the time go? One minute the little girl whose biggest joy was finding a dress for her American girl doll, is now looking for the perfect dress for the prom.

Where does the time go? As a parent the hardest transition is when we stop being the catalyst for the changes that are happening in our children’s lives and become merely spectators. It is hard to make that transition. For some parents it is harder than for others. Our kids do their best to push us out of the way. After all, teenagers are obnoxious for a reason. It is much easier to let go of a hulking teenager who communicates with you by grunting and shrugging their hunched shoulders (who, by the way, look exactly like the images of cro-magnon man in the evolution pictures), than it is to walk away from the cute innocent faced child who hugged you with gratitude when you bought them their favorite box of breakfast cereal.

Where does the time go? My son is in that transition phase, between the cute kid with loud laugh and the cro-magnon with the ear buds in his ears and a perpetual scowl. He still depends on me to drive him everywhere, sometimes it seems like half of my life is spent driving him from school to practice to games, and then to and from his friend’s houses.

Won’t it be much easier when he learns to drive? That time will come soon enough. Much too soon for me. For right now I am happy in the driver seat. The view is pretty good and I love the company (even if it isn’t always pleasant).

Dr. Celeste Lopez graduated cum laude from The University of Utah College of Medicine. She completed her Pediatric residency training at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan. She is certified with The American Board of Pediatrics since 1992. In 2003 she moved her practice, Wishing Well Pediatrics, to Delphos . She is the proud mother of a 14-year-old son.


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