September 1, 2014

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Contractor backs Ottoville waterline work with 5-year warranty PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, April 08, 2014 8:11 PM


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OTTOVILLE — Miller Construction is standing behind a waterline project on Auglaize Street in Ottoville.

Ottoville Village Council called a special meeting Tuesday night to allow Josh Clay of Miller Construction and residents of the village the opportunity to discuss the frozen waterline issues that affected Auglaize Street this past winter.

Close to a dozen residents voiced their concerns regarding the construction of the roadway and the depth of the service pipes in relation to why their pipes froze during what Clay describes as “The Perfect Storm.”

“Tearing up the road would be counter-productive and homeowners should get what they paid for,” Clay said. “I’m proposing a five-year warranty, extending the guarantee to October 2018.”

Residents and council members agreed the proposed extended warranty was an acceptable solution to the problem.

Brian Goubeaux, lead engineer from Choice One Engineering, said with the five-year warranty, if the pipes are not deep enough, it will be discovered.

By mid-February, the majority of the houses — eight or nine — on the east side of Auglaize Street were being affected by frozen water lines. The village started getting reports of frozen pipes the second week of January.

As Clay and Goubeaux explained to residents and council during the Feb. 24 meeting, all the elements came together to cause the problems with the service lines.

After the water system was installed, the excavation was back-filled with compaction gravel and water was used to aid the process which traveled downward and deepened the frost line. In essence, given the time of the year construction was completed — the end of October — the water in the stone backfill never had time to evaporate before cold weather set in. As temperatures plummeted, so did the frost line, thereby freezing the trapped water around the copper service lines.

While council spoke on the frozen waterline issue at the March 24 meeting, Mayor Ron Miller reported he had spoken with Clay, who offered the village a 1-year extension on the warranty from October 2013 through October 2015. Residents expressed their concerns regarding the depth of the lines. Miller said he was ready to trench the street if indeed the lines are found to not be 36 inches deep.


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