September 1, 2014

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014 8:50 PM

I recently attended my aunt’s Bible study to talk about my book and alcoholism. Before I went, she gave me a movie to watch so I’d have some background on what they’ve been and were going to be talking about. I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

The DVD is called “Twelve Women of the Bible: A DVD Study: Life-Changing Stories for Women Today.” Several female spiritual leaders narrate the DVD, telling interesting stories about all these Biblical women and offering insight about their personalities and circumstances. They then draw a parallel from each woman’s struggle back then to a woman struggling today.

The DVD features 12 10-15 minute teaching sessions guided by one of several women with an adequate background in theology to lead a discussion centered around a woman of the Bible. I found this DVD fascinating because I’m definitely no Biblical scholar and there’s a lot in here I didn’t know. Even if you’re someone who does know the true story about every woman in the Bible, it’s thought-provoking to watch the real-life modern-day narratives of women who parallel aspects of the lives of the Biblical women. It really shows that just because something took place all those years ago that doesn’t change some of the challenges women face, it doesn’t change the basic emotions and it doesn’t change the ability or inability to connect with God.

Even if you’re a non-believer (and I’ve struggled with that), I think one could get something out of this DVD. If not for the historical aspect of hearing about how life was back then, then for the psychological aspect, listening to the emotional struggles these women overcame. It made me feel less alone, less “crazy.” I also struggle with my faith and it brought to life the fact that I’m not alone in that. While this probably seems geared specifically toward women, I wouldn’t say it is completely. I’d say it’s for anyone interested in Biblical teachings and how to apply them to modern life. I’d be interested to see one about men of the Bible.

One example that we watched at my aunt’s church was a woman telling the story of Mary Magdalene. First, she debunks many of the assumptions people have of Mary Magdalene. Then she tells the real story, about the seven demons living in her and her life struggles. I didn’t even know this story at all. (Like I said, I’m no Biblical scholar.) From there, a woman told her modern-day story of living with alcoholism and fighting her own demons. And this is why my aunt invited me. I told my story after that.

I just think any women’s Bible study would like this DVD and I understand there’s a book that goes along with it. I learned a lot from it in one night. You could definitely also watch it on your own without a group. I don’t watch much of anything Biblical but I found this worthwhile.


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