September 2, 2014

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Thursday, May 22, 2014 8:14 PM

This 1901 photo of friends and family celebrating around the table has puzzled us for years. I’ll credit my mother for writing all the names on the back side.

The one lady, second from the left in the back row is my grandmother, Anna Kemper Krieft. Her siblings (her half-brothers and sisters); Kate, Minnie, John, Carl and Ike Nolte are also in the picture.

Many of the people are members of the Kloeppel family. Most of these people were neighbors, just north of Delphos. The big question: What was the occasion? Where was it at? One of the Kloeppel families lived in the “Hellman house” on Route 190. We came to the conclusion that the house is where Rick Hellman and his family live now.

Last week, Evelyn Martin and I spent a day researching in the Local History Room of the Putnam County Library in Ottawa. We try to do this once a month. The local history rooms of the Delphos Public Library and the Putnam County Library have so much to offer.

Evy is a real whiz on the computer and in genealogy. She likes a challenge so I gave her this photo and said: “See if you can find any of these.” The first thing to pop up on the computer screen was the following article, a full description of the picture from the 28 September 1901 issue of the Delphos Herald. How lucky could we be? Evy subscribes to the following website: Just what we were looking for.

China Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Amos Kloeppel

Celebrate 20th Anniversary

Friday afternoon and evening, at their home just north of town, Mr. and Mrs. Amos Kloeppel celebrated their China wedding, the twentieth anniversary of their marriage. There was a large number of their friends present and a most enjoyable time was had.

Mr. and Mrs. Kloeppel, received many beautiful presents, a decorated dinner set from Fred Loeffel and wife, Gus Baumgarte and wife, Henry Raabe and wife, W. S. Porter and wife and Mrs. Auers; parlor lamp from Mrs. Bleuthman and daughter of Ft. Jennings; set of spoons from Amiel Schramm; cake basket, Mr. Kolter and wife; fruit plate, Miss Kolter; chocolate set, Miss Nauhwart; parlor lamp, Jos. Hursman and wife; jardineers, Alma and Albert Kloeppel; fruit bowl and set of fruit dishes, M. H. Westrich and wife; cake plate, Miss Ida Smith; orange bowl, Miss Myrtle Calderwood; decorated tea set, Mr. Armbruster and wife; cake plate, Mrs. Baxter; water set, the Misses Nolte; jardineer, Mrs. Steinle; box of cigars, Mr. Steinle; cake plate, Mrs. Keller; box of cigars, Mr. Friend; wine set, Fred Kloeppel and wife; bread plate, Fred Kloeppel; oyster set, Gus Weger; box of cigars, Chas. Nolte and brother; set pie plated, Fred Armbruster.

Supper was served and the happy gathering remained until a late hour and united in wishing Mr. and Mrs. Kloeppel 20 more years of happy wedded life. Porter and Weger secured a picture of the crowd in the afternoon and at midnight a flashlight was taken as the guests were seated about the table, enjoying lunch before they departed for home.

The next day, after finding this printed treasure, I went to visit my neighbors, up the road, Melvin and Alma Kloeppel and their son, Kenny. What a wonderful visit! They live in the Kloeppel home place up on the hill, where they have an especially beautiful view from their kitchen window. They can probably see all the way to Ottoville. They also have a good view from their living room, to the south and to the west.

We shared many stories and pictures of the old neighborhood. Melvin told how many of these people on the photograph were related and where many of the people lived in this far southwestern corner of Jennings Township, Putnam County.

That’s all for now but there is more to come in the next This & That about the Kloeppel family, their relatives and all the people in the photograph.


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