September 3, 2014

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Chief Cook warns of aggressive door-to-door sales PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, June 17, 2014 8:05 PM


DHI MEDIA Staff Writer

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SPENCERVILLE — Spencerville Police Chief Darin Cook reported a group of people had been canvassing the town selling Kirby Sweepers who were very aggressive and pushed their way into homes to try and sell vacuums a few weeks ago.

“After getting calls regarding the individuals, I had three separate conversations with them and each time they said they did not have a permit with them,” he told council Monday. “We took names and other information — none of them had a driver’s license — and ran background checks.”

The people were all from different states and had criminal histories — criminal records of bank robbery and other felonies — and they were running through the neighborhood to catch up with each other. Cook said their actions were alarming. After the last conversation with two individuals delivering something to a resident, Cook said he stopped them, checked for driver’s licenses — which neither individual had — and told them to leave town.

“I told them I’d like to have a face-to-face with the business owner and pulled their permit,” Cook said. “There is a Southwestern Educational Books sales person in the vicinity who has a clean record and showed me his permit up front.”

Cook said they have developed a suspect on the backyard thefts.

“We are fairly confident we have the right individual and that he knows we know who he is,” Cook said. “The thefts have stopped, for now.”

Cook cautioned people out walking at night need to use the public sidewalks rather than alleyways or they will be stopped and questioned by officers.

As discussed at the June 2 meeting, Village Administrator Sean Chapman is continuing his work on the Trail Project.

“I removed all of the stakes indicating the proposed location of the trail and met with Beth Seibert of the Allen Soil & Water Conservation District regarding a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, which is required for this project, as per the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA),” Chapman reported.

Seibert stated that she would be able and willing to put a plan together at no cost to the village.

“This would otherwise cost the village a few thousand dollars if we had to hire a consultant,” he said.

In addition, Chapman checked with Douglass Degen of the Allen County Engineer’s office to see if there is any permitting needed through his office.

“Once I receive the completed plan from Beth, I will complete all necessary paperwork and applications and submit to the OEPA for their review and approval,” he said. “Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) will then be able to begin the work.”

Chapman gave his report on the progression of the Water Treatment Plant. The interior block walls have been completed and the top precast slab has been delivered and installed. All building door frames have been installed, the filter media has been delivered and will be installed into the nano-filters when they are delivered this week. The structural steel for the building was completed last week and the siding for the building is close to complete.

“As the building nears completion, the HVAC and electrical contractor will move in and complete their portions of the project,” Chapman said. “The building will be secure by the end of the week.”

Chapman said the plant start-up is still on schedule for August/September and finalizing the control mechanisms will occur prior to start up.

He said many people have asked how much the new Water Treatment Plant is going to cost them (raise their bill) and he responded with there will be no increase since the debt service was covered beginning in 2013.

During the May 19 village council meeting, Chapman and council members spoke of the possible construction of a sidewalk on East Fourth Street which would extend to the Dollar General store.

Recently, Chapman said he was able to look at the proposed sidewalk area leading up to Dollar General. Although the project can be completed, there are a few concerns, including obtaining Dollar General’s permission to pour a sidewalk onto their property; working with Dollar General on cutting out existing curb for “zero” entry to parking lot from sidewalk and lowering the grade of the surrounding ground leading up to the curb cut and on relocation of existing irrigation system and there are sprinkler heads along the back side of the curb.

“We may also need to install a catch basin on the east side of Hemmelgarn’s driveway and connect the outlet to the existing storm sewer on the same side of the road,” Chapman explained. “This may need to be completed in order to promote positive drainage.”

The total cost of the concrete project is in the neighborhood of $3,080 and includes seven yards of concrete.

Chapman has contacted Dollar General property owners — GBT Realty — to discuss the proposed project in the field and has sent them a drawing of the proposed work.

Additionally, Chapman spoke of a $20,000 Storm Water Plan which he will propose for 2015. He said he would work with the Finance Committee to check the feasibility of implementation.

The next council meeting will be held at 7 p.m. July 7 at the Municipal building.


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