August 30, 2014

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There are good people in this world PDF Print
Saturday, June 21, 2014 8:00 PM

To the editor,

My 3-year-old daughter and I drove to a local drugstore Thursday evening to get medicine for my son and before we even got into the store, my daughter was asking if she could get a race car they have there. I had no idea what she was talking about but as soon as we got in the store, she was pointing to the race cars. Of course, I told her we weren’t there to buy a car and we went on our way.

After getting what we needed, there we stood in line waiting to check out right by the race cars. My daughter had taken two off the shelf and was rolling them on the floor playing her heart out. I told her to put them back and get out of the way of an older man pushing a cart up to the counter. He stopped her and asked if she likes cars. She said yes and then he asked her to see it.

I was continuing to checkout as he asked the clerk how much the cars cost. I spoke up and said way too much for a toy. He insisted on buying it for her! I looked at my daughter and said, “Tell him no thank you. You don’t need it.” She looked up at me with those big pink sun glasses she was wearing and said, “But I want it mom!”

So, he bought her the car with a smile. His grandson that was with him assured me that he likes to do things like that.

As we left the store, my daughter was all smiles and my heart was happy for her. As we drove off, the man was walking to his van while his grandson hopped in to drive and I noticed he was wearing a Navy T-shirt. I waved and smiled and he gave me a salute.

As I pulled out I couldn’t help but tear up at what a nice and thoughtful thing that man did. There are good people in this world. My heart is happy tonight and so is my daughter.

God bless that complete stranger. What a kind man he is!

Julia Kroeger



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