September 2, 2014

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This and That — Kloeppel families and others PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, June 26, 2014 8:18 PM

Last month we were trying to find the story behind the 1901 photograph of some kind of celebration around a beautiful and festive dinner table.

My friend, Evy, found the newspaper item called “China Wedding” on a computer website of old newspapers. It was the 20th wedding anniversary (China) of Mr. and Mrs. Emiel “Amos” Kloeppel, who lived on a farm north of Delphos. The write-up included names of all the guests and the gifts each one had given.

Fortunately my mother had identified all the people on the picture. These names were on the back side. Most of them had the name Kloeppel. Six of them were my relatives, including my grandmother, Anna Kemper Krieft, and her five siblings. They were neighbors to the honored couple.

Since most of them were named Kloeppel, I paid a long overdue visit to Melvin and Alma Kloeppel to get the rest of the story. I got the information that I wanted and much, much more.

Melvin and Alma were full of stories of the whole neighborhood in this far southwestern corner of Jennings Township in Putnam County.

Melvin had lived on the family farm along State Route 190 for all his 94 years. Alma just turned 91 in March.

They had a double wide picture of the Allemeier and Raabe Reunion, which their son, Kenny, made me a copy of. I discovered the Kloeppels and the Allemeiers are very inter-twined, so let’s start with the Kloeppel family. Melvin had a family history booklet of the Allemeier family and the Kloeppel family, he knew by memory.

Melvin’s parents were Walter Kloeppel, 1895–1957, and Flora Allemeier, 1887–1935. Alma’s parents were Marion Heidelbaugh and Goldie Redd. Flora’s parents were (John) William Allemeier and Maggie Vogt. Melvin’s paternal grandparents were Frederick F. (F. F.) Kloeppel and Frederika Stahl.

Much of the following information was found in old obituaries. Let’s start with Elizabeth and Amos, who were honored at the China Wedding.

Elizabeth Loeffel married Emiel “Amos” Kloeppel were married 27 September 1881. Elizabeth was born 7 March 1863 to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Loeffel in Baden, Germany. Elizabeth passed away in 1941.

When Elizabeth was two years old (1865) her family came to the United States and first settled at Kossuth. In 1870, they came to the Delphos vicinity.

Elizabeth and Amos resided on a farm north of Delphos until 1914, when they moved to East Third Street in Delphos. She was survived by the following children: Fred (East Sixth Street, Delphos; Albert (Sidney); Herman (East Fifth Street) and Alma Geisinger of Piqua; and a sister Mrs. John Morkoetter of Lima. Amos had preceded her in death (1854–1923). A sister, Mrs. Henry Raabe, was also deceased. The obituary even listed all the out-of-town people who came to the cemetery. Amos and Elizabeth were buried in the Walnut Grove Cemetery.

Frederick Kloeppel Sr. was born 27 June 1823 in Shwartzburg, Sonderhausen, Germany. Fred came to America in about 1850 and settled in Cincinnati for five years, where he followed the blacksmith trade. He came to Delphos (Section Ten) in 1854 and bought a farm three miles north of Delphos. He then returned to Cincinnati and worked for two more years at his trade.

Fred moved to his farm in 1857. He had married Margaret Lenz on 14 April 1853. They had seven children of which five are still living. They are: Emiel “Amos,” Heinrich, Frederich F. (F.F.), William, Hermina (Mrs. Fred Brendle) Adelia (Dina) and Ottilia. Fred Sr. died in 1903, when he was nearly 80 years old. Funeral services were held from the Pierce Street Lutheran Church in Delphos with internment in the West Side Cemetery. Fred gave $400 to the Lutheran Church for a new white altar with gilded trim. Fred was a devout member of the German Lutheran Church and was one of the organizers of that congregation here. Just another story about Fred E. Kloeppel. He dislocated his left shoulder. He was driving a team of horses, hitched to a plow, when the animals became frightened at a Clover Leaf train. They ran away and when he tried to stop them he was struck by the plow.

Fred F. Kloeppel is featured in the photo above with his wagon and team of horses, in front of his barn, north of Delphos, along with four of his children. Fred F. had married Frederica Stahl and they had five children: Ida, Walter, Oscar, Laura and Carl. Frederica died in 1897 of blood poisoning after childbirth. She was only 28 years old.

The Kloeppel and Allemeier families will be continued in two weeks.


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