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Monday, March 28, 2011 7:49 AM

Motorcycles Collide
With Cows

Three Delphos people, one young man and two young ladies, were injured when, east of Delphos on the Gomer road, the motorcycles on which they were riding, ran into a herd of cows and the riders were thrown off the machines.
Six couples of Delphos young people were enjoying the evening riding about the country, when near the river on Gomer road, a herd of cows grazing along the highway, started to cross the road. Several of the machines struck the cows and the occupants were thrown off. Herbert Foust and Miss Irene O’Donnell sustained painful injuries. Foust’s injuries were quite serious and he was brought to the office of Dr. Hartnagel in Delphos where he received attention. Miss Bertha Honigfort, who was riding on a machine with Wykoff Morton, was also injured, her left foot and hip were badly bruised. The other members of the party escaped uninjured. Foust’s machine was badly damaged, the front wheel being wrecked.
Delphos Herald,
July 24, 1912

Prettiest Girl in Delphos
“My niece,” said a well-known man the other day, “is often called the prettiest girl in Delphos. I believe half the compliments she gets are due to her shirt waists. They are always as clean and dainty looking as a snowflake. She’s mighty particular about them. She won’t use the cheap ordinary rosin soaps for washings, but buys this ‘Easy Task Soap,’ you hear so much about. It seems that ‘Easy Task Soap’ just naturally goes after the dirt and doesn’t eat into and rot the fabrics like the rosin soaps. It costs the same - a nickel a cake.”
Delphos Herald,
July 24, 1912

Lammers Left Big Fortune
The following, which appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer Friday, is of interest to Delphos people. Mrs. Mary Meyer, mentioned in the article, returned to Cincinnati, Thursday after a visit at the homes of Mrs. John Bunzhaf, of East Third street, and Mr. and Mrs. Casper Goebel and Otto and Louisa Stallkamp, of west of Delphos. Frank Lammers was a cousin of these people and has a number of other relatives residing in the vicinity of Delphos and Ft. Jennings.
The Enquirer says: “Relatives of Frank Lammers, who disappeared from this locality more than 20 years ago, are making an effort to learn whether or not he is the J. Franklin Lammers who was reported killed in a snowslide in Alaska early in June of this year. An account of the death of J. Franklin Lammers was published in a Tacoma, Wash., dispatch. Mrs. Mary Meyer, of Parker street, Cincinnati, read the dispatch while visiting relatives in Delphos.
“When she returned to Cincinnati yesterday, she conferred with her four sisters and determined to learn if the man killed in the Alaska snowslide was her missing brother. When Lammers left here he told his sisters that he would return to Ohio a rich man. He  went to Detroit, Mich. and thence went west.
“The J. Franklin Lammers who was reported killed lived in California for some years. His fortune is estimated to be about $600,000. (This was in 1912, so could that be about $6,000,000 at today’s rate? R.H.)
Delphos Herald,
July 26, 1912

Delphos People Buy
Land in Florida

W.H. McKenzie, who left Delphos last week for a trip to points in Florida and was accompanied by Mrs. McKenzie, Carl Roth, Isaac McKenzie, Mrs. Jennie Ward, Mrs. Frank Brown and Miss Elizabeth Roberts, all of this city, has forwarded a telegram to his son-in-law, Gurney Serrels, stating that he has purchased a 40-acre farm near West Palm Beach, Florida, adjoining a 40-acre tract purchased by Mr. Serrels while he was in Florida, last March.
The telegram states that Miss Elizabeth Roberts and Mrs. Frank Brown have also purchased ten acres each. Mr. Brown already owns a ten acre tract in that locality. Mr. and Mrs. McKenzie, Mr. and Mrs. Serrels and children, Mr. and Mrs. Brown and several other Delphos people are contemplating going to Florida to reside and will erect homes on the farms they have purchased.
Delphos Herald,
July 23, 1912

A Happy Party
A number of little folks gathered at the pleasant home of Mr. and Mrs. John Vonderembse on South Franklin St. and had a good time in honor of little Miss Edna Wolke, of Covington, Ky., who is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Vonderembse, her uncle and aunt. The little folks present were: Maggie and Flora Lindemann, Katie and Marie Lang, Mabel and Ethyl Jettinghoff, Nora and Mary Wahmhoff, Gert Herlihy, Virginia Gasson, Edna Wolke and Eddie Stallkamp.
Delphos Herald,
Nov. 1895

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