September 2, 2014

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011 5:30 AM

Harrah! Hallelujah!
The book is done, after months of research and writing.

The History of Fort Jennings 1812 -2012 is finished. It’s ready to send to the publisher.

The book had its beginning in the dreams of Deb Birkmeier of rural Fort Jennings. That was back two or three years ago, Deb had time on her hands and had to find a project to do, while recovering from back surgery. So she began a listing of everyone in the Fort Jennings community – road by road, street by street, including businesses. She spent hours in old books and telephone books and sitting at her computer.
Someone asked “Are you going to have this book for sale?” So. Why not!  Deb asked some other historians for help. The project grew and grew. Soon there would be 14 on the book committee. There were many others who assisted in finding information and pictures. A big  “Thank You” goes out to them.

We finished it this week. This manuscript includes the whole community, town, Jennings Township, part of Jackson Township and the school district.  If you or your ancestors lived in or near Fort Jennings, you can find your family name among the pages.

Fort Jennings was founded as a supply fort during the War of 1812. It was named for Lt. Col. William Jennings. The book will include 200 years of history, pictures, people and maps. It will include a copy of the 1830 colored map of Ohio, which Jacob Freund carried when he came to Fort Jennings in 1833.

This book includes Catholic and Lutheran Church records and history, businesses, school history, Veterans, farming, tidbits and reminiscences of many people.

Did you know that the first industry in Jennings Township was the Ash (Esch) Distillery along the canal in Section 18 near Delphos? Corn whiskey was necessary for medicinal purposes. It was the cure-all for almost everything.

Did you know that the east half of Delphos was once in Putnam County? Everything east of the canal, up to State Road was part of Jennings Township. This changed when Auglaize County was formed.

While writing and compiling this history we well remember and appreciate the historians who have gone before us. Their writings and record keeping helped make this book possible. Names that come to mind are: Alfred “Jack” Schimmoeller, Imogene Elwer, Marie Uhrich, Verena Brinkman, Catherine Wieging, Clarence Specht, Norbert Lause, Elmer VonLehmden and the Ottoville historian, Rita Turnwald.
Pre-publication orders for the book are being taken at this time. The book will contain at least 325 pages and include over 200 pictures. There will be a hard cover for $45 and the soft cover will cost $35.  Contact Judy Wieging at 419-532-2491 or Deb Birkmeier at 419-286-2708 or any member of the book committee.

So. What am I going to do now? I’m going to plant flowers, herbs and tomato plants, mow grass, do scrap booking, clean the research clutter off my kitchen table and write a book. Yes! Write a book. It will be the life story of Christine Grothause who grew up in Germany when Hitler came to power. My Uncle Ralph and Aunt Christine live near Nashville, Ind., in the scenic Brown County. Ralph said Christine would like me to do the story so they invited me to spend the week with them to gather up information and also see the country. We spent a lot of time with the tape recorder, a note book and pen. That was two years ago. I should have had it done by now but my 79-year-old brain sometimes won’t go into high gear. I have a few chapters written and will get back at it tomorrow. That will be a good project to work on this summer, when I become a prisoner of air-conditioning.


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