September 1, 2014

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Monday, June 06, 2011 4:59 AM

Lima Senior High School recently lost a member of its faculty, Andrew Chiles. He was my cousin. While most of you probably didn’t know him, you all know what he represented and will continue to represent in years to come. He was a teacher who loved his job and a friend who loved his friends. He was one of many reasons we should all strive to reach our potential as a person every single day.

The tribute to his life, the funeral service, was unbelievably moving and both wonderful and tragic. Tragic, obviously, because he was only 34 years old and left behind many caring friends and family, including a young son. It was wonderful, though, because all of the kind words and affirmations that were uttered that day about this one man simply solidified the fact that he truly, deeply cared about others. My hope is that he got a chance to hear some of the amazing words of praise about his teaching, mentoring and friendship capabilities before he passed. And maybe he’s even hearing the words now.

Andy was well-loved by many people, so I’m sure he heard many compliments during his life. However, I don’t understand why we wait until someone is gone before we really confess our true feelings. Is it a matter of embarrassment, of being rejected by that person, that we’ll tell him or her what a profound impact he or she has had on our lives and we’ll get laughed at? Is it just that we take life for granted, assuming that there will always be plenty of time to reveal how much we love and care someday?

I say, screw it. Now’s the time. Now is just as good as any to tell the people you love that you love them, to reveal how much you care and how much of a huge impact they’ve had on your life. Why wait? I have never laughed in the face of anyone who’s said something nice to me. Why are we so afraid?

My cousin was a great man — one who touched the lives of countless individuals. How many of us know people like this, yet we’ve never bothered telling them how truly exceptional they are?

Don’t wait. Pick up a phone. Write a letter.

In a world in which my faith in humanity is being chipped away bit by bit every day, we could all use some words of kindness and encouragement.

Attending the service for my cousin revived my belief in the kindness of others. Pour your heart out to someone today and see if it revives your own dwindling faith. And it might be exactly what someone needed to hear that day.

Sara Berelsman lives in Delphos with her husband and their two daughters. She would like to wish her mom a very happy birthday today and let her know what a tremendous impact she’s made.


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