August 20, 2014

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Monday, September 12, 2011 6:40 AM

Don’t sweat the small stuff; it’s all small stuff.
We’ve all heard it before.
Life is stressful. There is so much more going on now.
I have found the secret to keeping my sanity. If I truly cannot change the outcome of something, I don’t invest in it.
If I have no control over something, why worry about it?
I always used to tease my mom about it. She’d say, “Yeah, but. ...”
And I’d tell her, “The yeah-buts are dead.”
She was and still is a worrier. I have said if she doesn’t have anything to worry about, she makes it up. If I truly wanted to know all the ramification of an action, I’d just sick my mom on it. She would come up with every possible pitfall and down side.
However, on the flip side, some things need worried about. They need time, attention and nurturing for us to get the maximum benefit.
Then there are the things that just are what they are.
Cameron has at times been upset because someone he was really close to before he went to prison hasn’t written or made attempts to keep in touch. I had to tell him that he was the one who went away. Life goes on — with or without you.
He also went away a time in a person’s life when a lot of changes take place. He was just out of high school and trying to figure out how the real world work, etc. He wasn’t too impressed that his less-than-motivated lifestyle was getting him a little less than he thought he deserved.
The things that filled his days and nights as a high-schooler were lost in the pages of his yearbook.
Cameron just hit a hiccup. He had to stand at the sidelines and wait for his turn.
In five weeks, he will be out on his own. SCARY! (In a Disney falsetto voice.) But it’s also a wonderful, exhilarating time when he gets to really make it on his own. He’ll be making decision that can make or break him but at least he gets to make them — and his mistakes. Hopefully they won’t be too painful.
Cameron deserves a break. He has worked really hard just to be in a position to make the decisions — right or wrong.
A new challenge Cameron has had to face is finding the right people to associate with. In the halfway house he doesn’t have a lot of choice. They are, I’m sure, a motley crew.
However, he also has the opportunity to meet new people through work and some of the events his restaurant hosts.
It’s easy to want to be around people who fun and not so much to be around people who make you think, question yourself and want you to work toward your goals.
I know a lot of people who are much older than Cameron and still trying to get it right. He has gained a lot of wisdom and had quite a few “aha” moments.
Life can be as difficult as you make it; as complicated as you let it; and everything you want it to be if you’re willing to put in the time.
We make our own luck and no one who forges our path for us is doing us any favors.
The best advice I have for him is the Serenity Prayer.
God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.
And the knowledge some things just are what they are — with or without you and no matter what you do.


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