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Monday, November 28, 2011 12:08 PM


Soldier Killed  in Belgium
A telegram received at 11:30 a.m. Sunday stated that Pfc. Hubert J. Berelsman, 21, one of the three service sons of Mr. and Mrs. Anton J. Berelsman, three and one-half miles northeast of Fort Jennings, was killed in action on December 19, in Belgium.
The young man, well known in this community, was born on August 11, 1923. He attended school at Ft. Jennings. Prior to his induction on July 3, 1943, at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana, he had been engaged in farming. He received his training at Camp Haan, California, Camp Livingston, Louisianna and Camp Edwards, Massachusetts. The later part of June 1944, he left for overseas duty. He was with the anti-aircraft and was in England and France before going to Belgium.
He is survived by his parents and ten brothers and sisters: Sargent Linus Berelsman, France; Private Norbert S. Berelsman, England; William, Defiance; Mrs. Margaret Erhart and Mrs. Cecilia Plescher, Kalida; Mrs. Mary Hoersten and Mrs. Bernadine Hoersten, Ottoville; and Loretta, Albert and Olivia, at home. He is also survived by his maternal grandmother, Mrs. Christina Wieging, Fort Jennings. A brother, Ambrose, died in 1921.
A memorial service will be held at St. Joseph’s Church, in Fort Jennings at 9:00 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 17, with pastor, Rev. John Miller, officiating. The American Legion will conduct full military rites.
Delphos Herald, Jan. 8, 1945

WAACs To Leave On January 12
Delphos now  has four members in the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps, according to word received here. Martha R. Miller, Phelan Hotel, has been ordered to report to active duty at Fort Des Moines, Iowa. She is a graduate of Delphos Jefferson high school.
The three other Delphos women in the WAAC organization are: Ruth Griffith, who is stationed in Florida; Miss Margaret Bockey and Miss Velma Wegesin, who are stationed at Fort Des Moines, Iowa.
Delphos Herald, Jan. 8, 1943

What About Corn Pickers
Every day, by mail, by telephone, by telegraphy, we are receiving urgent appeals from farmers for McCormick-Deering corn pickers. With farm labor shortages even more acute than in 1943, the demand for pickers has skyrocketed.
To help the situation we have:
1. Completed production of our 1944 corn picker program.
2. We actually built 50% more pickers than in any other year of the company’s history.
3. We have allocated these machines to the corn growing regions.
Corn pickers are still under rationing and every picker we built has been allotted to a farmer with a rationing certificate for it. They were all sold before they left the factory.
We can only suggest that our farmer friends follow the old helpful neighbor tradition that comes from the days of barn-raising and log-rolling. If they will have their machines and labor, much can be done to harvest this vital war-time crop of corn.
International Harvester Company
Delphos Herald, Oct. 9, 1944
Gas Service Shut Off
The gas emergency in Delphos continues today and throughout Ohio and several other states in the central area. Through an order from the War Production Board, the gas was shut off Tuesday in all of the Delphos factories and remained off Wednesday with no indication as to when the ban will be lifted. The action was taken because of a critical gas shortage and the heavy users were cut off so that service could be maintained for domestic users.
The gas water heaters on the west side of the canal were shut off Tuesday afternoon and officials of the West Ohio Gas Company which serves the city of Delphos, have asked that water heaters be shut off on the east side of the canal also. A plan is also being made to domestic users to use as little gas as possible until the situation is cleared up.
Ed. Hinig, local manager of the West Ohio Company, and two maintenance men kept on duty at the local office throughout the night to be ready in case of any emergency. Mr. Hinig states that anyone wising to have their gas water heaters turned off during the emergency can call the gas office and a man will be sent out to take care of it.
Delphos Herald Jan. 2, 1945

Rev. Father Nett
Receives Word About
Parents in Germany
The Rev. James Nett, chaplain at St. Rita’s hospital, formerly assistant at Delphos St. John’s, has received first-hand information concerning the safety of his father, John Nett, 80, and his sister, Miss Sybilla Nett, who live in Lennep, near Cologne, Germany.
He has learned that his father and sister are well and that their home was not damaged. Despite his advanced age, he is in remarkably good health. Mr. Nett and his daughter, will be remembered by local residents as they visited Father Nett in Delphos from May until July, 1939.
A letter containing information about the Netts and enclosing a personal letter from Mr. Nett was received on April 30 by Father Nett. The writer was Frank Myers, a member of St. Paul’s parish, Norwalk, where Father Nett had served as assistant earlier.
After securing permission from his commanding officer to do so, Mr. Myers visited the Netts in their home. He had with him a church bulletin from Norwalk St. Paul’s at the time of Fr. Nett’s assignment from Norwalk to St. Rita’s. The bulletin bore a photograph of the priest. Mr. Myers said, too, he had presented Mr. Nett with two boxes of cigars which he had secured from a factory in a nearby town.
The Netts had had no word of Father Nett since July 3, 1944.
Delphos Herald, June 1, 1945

Next Winter’s Coal
P.G. Bogart, District OPA Director, announced that Consumer Declarations for next winters coal can be obtained by coal dealers at local War Price Rationing Boards.
Mr. Bogart emphasized that this is in accordance with the recent order of the Solid Fuels Administration, requiring every consumer to file with his dealer a consumer declaration in order to obtain solid fuel for the 1945-46 heating season. The Board will make these forms available only to coal dealers.

Delphos Herald, April 4,1946


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