August 20, 2014

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If I don’t say it, you can’t hold it against me PDF Print
Tuesday, January 03, 2012 11:02 AM

As I reflect upon the last year, I have to say I am very fortunate.
I and my husband are healthy, happy and still enjoying each other’s company.
My mother is doing great and my son continues his journey of self-discovery in his own apartment in Toledo.

What’s next?
Drum roll, please — here it is that time again. The pressure’s on. Time to make a New Year’s resolution.
The top 10 most common New Year’s resolutions are:
1. Lose weight
2. Stop smoking
3. Stick to a budget
4. Save or earn more money
5. Find a better job
6. Become more organized
7. Exercise more
8. Be more patient at work/with others
9. Eat better
10. Become a better person

This sounds like what we try to do just about every day in our normal lives. So, why is it so hard to keep them?
Getting fit and healthy is the most common resolution. Every January, people resolve that this will be the year they get back into shape and sign up at a gym. But a month or two later, that resolve slips away. The gym membership card dangles from the key chain only seeing action for the other fobs on the ring.

Statistics indicate that two-thirds of Americans will break their New Year resolutions by Valentine’s Day. The main reason is that many people set goals that don’t work with their lifestyles, are too challenging or not based on something they really enjoy.
Who comes home from a hard day’s work and thinks, “Boy, a nice salad would be great!”?

I personally am thinking about drowning my troubles in ice cream or munching through the blues on cookies. Comfort foods — the downfall of every one of my diets. Broccoli just doesn’t have the same effect as a nice pile of fluffy mashed potatoes and creamy gravy. I don’t get that “aaahhh” feeling from crunching my way through celery, either.

I won’t even go there with the “quit smoking” one. I have tried everything and willpower alone is just not enough for me. I want to sit down and smoke one while I’m thinking about quitting.

Sticking to a budget and making and/or saving more money seem to go hand-in-hand. The budget looks a lot better when there is more to work with. Who doesn’t want more money?

Organization is in the eye of the beholder. My mother used to have a sign on her desk at Marathon that read “Don’t touch my desk, I know where everything is!” Same seems to apply here. Every time I clean off my desk, I can’t find what I want.
So, what is my New Year’s resolution?

Not to make one. That way, I can’t fail. If I work on a few things on the top 10 list throughout the year, I’ll be much better off than making a single decree and failing, like two-thirds of the rest of America.
Happy New Year!


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