August 20, 2014

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Thursday, January 19, 2012 1:51 PM

Regarding the accusations Ms. Maag has leveled at Elida football coach Jason Carpenter and superintendent Don Diglia:
The Allen County prosecutor’s office has cleared both Mr. Diglia and Mr. Carpenter.
Ms. Maag’s son, Brandon, helped rob a pizza delivery employee and was sentenced to Allen County JDC. Elida school policy said the players could not play football. Case closed.
Mom and friend brought up things at two Elida School Board meetings that had been decided   previously and whined about how her son was persecuted. Instead of blaming her son, she blames the superintendent and the coach for her son’s troubles.
Maybe if mom would have disciplined her son, he wouldn’t have thought it would be fun to rob someone. Why doesn’t mom accept the punishment her son got and the results of the investigation by the prosecutor’s office? No moral compass by either mom, her friend or her son.
I know that if I had robbed a pizza delivery employee when I was his age, my parents would have taken me to the Delphos Police station, let me be sentenced in juvenile court and imprisoned in the JDC. There would have been further punishment awaiting me at home when I was released from the JDC. My parents wouldn’t have blamed everyone else – I would have had to accept the blame myself and take my medicine.
Get over it, Ms. Maag. Why don’t you, your friend and your son look in the mirror as the source of your problems?
Michael Wrasman,


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