September 1, 2014

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Monday, January 30, 2012 10:23 AM

To the taxpayers of Delphos area:
As several of us sit here discussing what books we want to read, we decided to go to the computer and see if the Delphos Public Library had any of them. Up came the following: We need your help.
The library wants us to donate money so they can buy books, DVDs, newspaper subscriptions, etc. Seems they haven’t had any money for some time.
Where has all the hard-earned tax money we supply them go? That is supposed to be used at the library.
The Library Board of Trustees spent $150,000-plus on the First Street property and repairs. What good is that property to the library patrons?
The library board gave an 18-cent-per-hour raise to the staff.
By the way, the library board is chosen by the staff.
The Dienstberger Foundation gave the library a very nice sum of money. Where is that?
We want to know just what is going on. Maybe a major cleaning from basement to attic is needed as one of our grandpas used to say.
Also, at least two library staff members retired and were then rehired by the board, getting a retirement check and also a salary check. Two checks taking away jobs from our young ones who need a job.
We are just sitting here shaking our heads. One of the readers commented: “It’s a little Washington, D.C.”

Margene Freund



0 #1 Larry & Amy Miller 2012-01-30 19:34
The property is on Second Street.

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