September 2, 2014

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Letter to the Editor ~Members of the Delphos Public Library Board of Trustees PDF Print
Thursday, February 02, 2012 4:20 PM

As members of the Delphos Public Library Board of Trustees, we would like to comment on information contained in a letter written by Margene Freund and published Jan. 27:
Many libraries, including the Delphos Public Library, appreciate and accept donations of books and other media to supplement their collections. We have in the past and will continue in the future to purchase new materials based on need and on budgeted allocations and do not solely rely on donations to purchase those materials. 
The property on First Street was purchased in 2008 for the price of $60,000. Renovations to the building have totaled approximately $32,600, with generous awards from the Dienstberger Foundation covering $30,000 of that amount ($15,000 in 2008 and $15,000 in 2010). The library addition and all library facilities are for the benefit of and use by the local community and community-based groups.
The 2011 Dienstberger Foundation grant will be used to fund a project that will add much-needed handicap accessibility to the east entrance of the library for library patrons and visitors.  
Library board members are chosen by a majority vote of the board and approved by our local school board. As a recent example of this process, after a board member’s retirement in December, the board received applications from qualified candidates and a new board member was chosen after an interview process, a majority vote by board members and approval by the Delphos City School Board. Despite steep funding cuts by the state in the last few years, the Delphos Public Library continues to successfully manage, through tough economic times via budget constraints and belt tightening. We pride ourselves on spending public money wisely while maintaining essential services, presenting facilities that are well maintained, having comfortable places to read and having enough friendly, knowledgeable librarians and staff to provide help when needed.
As a board, we have high expectations for our library and hope that the public does as well. We want you to rely on your library for books and programs for your children. We want your library to be cutting edge with new technology and materials and want people to use the library as a place to read, to study, to relax, to hold meetings and gather for special events. There is a real future for public libraries in the Internet age. If education and lifelong learning are keys to opportunity for individuals and our community as a whole, your local public library serves those needs and serves them well.
If you haven’t had a chance to visit lately, please make it a point to visit your Delphos Public Library; you won’t be disappointed. We also invite anyone interested to attend our monthly board meetings held at 4 p.m. on the second Wednesday of every month in the Library’s First Edition meeting room located at 302 W. First St., Delphos.  
Respectfully submitted,
Members of the Delphos Public Library Board of Trustees
Ron Elwer
Susan Kapcar
Pat Poling
Brad Rostorfer
Jane Rutledge
Leila Osting

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