August 27, 2014

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Thursday, February 16, 2012 10:53 AM

I am making a departure from books once again this time and looking under the cover of a DVD. This is Left of Center sketch comedy, and it’s not your typical comedy DVD.

If you like Saturday Night Live, picture that with more of an edge. This DVD is a compilation of several comedy sketches, created and written by Alex Mangen, Jason Hardwick, and David Allen. Some are commercial parodies, some involve elaborate choreography, some involve a grumpy old man character and plenty of unintelligible language. All are well made. Most are funny. Well, depending on your sense of humor, all are funny. Some are just hilarious, and I’ve watched them again and again and shown them to everyone I know, while others are just so-so, kind of like a typical episode of SNL.

My favorites are the band-aid commercial sketch, the retirement home commercial sketch, and the art class sketch. There are many others that I really like and laugh out loud at, but those are the best in my opinion.

What sets Left of Center apart from other sketch comedy groups is that, for one thing, they don’t have a static ensemble cast, such as SNL.  The producers appear in several of the sketches, but otherwise, there are brand new comedy actors in each and every sketch – you won’t keep seeing the same faces playing a million different parts.

It’s a fun DVD to own because it doesn’t require a long amount of time to view, and we’ve all seen the same funny clips everyone plays at parties. This is something new to throw in that people haven’t seen, and it guarantees laughs. The sketch comedy group has a web site,, where you can check them out online. You can also type the group’s name into YouTube to view some sketches not available on the DVD.

A few noteworthy accomplishments of Left of Center: Sketches were included in the Indy Comedy Showcase at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago, and select sketches were licensed by MTV Network and CW Network.

If you’re a sketch comedy fan and are looking for something new, rather than the same old tired SNL re-runs, then give this a try. It’s well made, interesting, and most of all, hilarious.


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