August 28, 2014

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Monday, April 16, 2012 10:17 AM

Martha Recker, from west of Delphos, saved many interesting newspaper clippings in her scrapbooks.  Most of them were marriages and obituaries. She also included the story of a very remarkable dog, named Flint.
The following story was featured in the Delphos Herald back in the 30s or 40s:


Meets Mailman and carries mail to house daily - Hasn’t missed mail delivery in nine years - Gets Cows from pasture regularly – Carries Messages
B. L. Jauman, local lover of bird and animal life, submits a story of a dog which is far above the average intelligence. The story with pictures supplied by Mr. Jauman follows:

True story of a dog that is very much deserving of high honor.
“Flint by name is just a mixed breed dog, from appearances Shepherd and Bull, yellow and white of color, stockily built and now between nine and ten years of age and owned since a puppy by a family named Etzkorn, living in farm community near the village of Landeck, Allen County, Ohio.
The Etzkorn family is a very progressive one and the home is situated back from the highway, would judge about 800 feet, where a very modern farm home exists, a lane leading out to the highway where a rural box is located.

Here is the story ----
When Flint was a puppy, a daughter of the Etzkorn family would daily go to the highway to meet the mailman and would take Flint with her and while still at the age of three months, Flint would want to carry the mail which the daughter encouraged and in a very short time, Flint considered it his solemn duty to go by himself to meet the mail man, and has not missed a single day for nine straight years, and has never damaged or in the least marked any mail, which at times was heavy account catalogues, etc.

This sounds very remarkable as more dogs (or humans) would avoid such a trip, especially during extreme weather, all of which has never caused Flint to miss a single day, always being at the highway before the arrival of the mail man, and reposing in a very nice dog house built by the family at the mail box; and here is another very interesting part of this story:

When weather is inclement Flint is within the dog house, and many autos may pass by and he never does more than extend his head and nose and does not come out until it’s the mail man’s auto, seeming to even have this most human trait; but he is always out to meet the mail man before his auto reaches the box; then exchanging friendly greetings he carefully goes down the lane and delivers the mail to a member of the family

Mail is never delivered in rural sections on Sundays and holidays so you may wonder what Flint does; on Sundays when he sees the family dressed for church services, he simply retires and does not go down the lane. On holidays, all the family needs say is, “Flint, no mail today, you just watch the house,” and that’s what he does.

This is not all the knowledge that Flint possesses; at promptly 4 p.m., he goes to the pastures and brings in the cattle for milking and feed, and if the men folks are at an extreme end of the farm and Mrs. Etzkorn wishes to send them word of any kind, all she does is to write a note and hand same to Flint, and prompt and immediate care is given same. If Mrs. Etzkorn wishes to start a fire in the cook stove, she merely says “Flint, go to the wood house and bring in wood,” and pronto, it is done.

The daughter that at first taught Flint has been away from home for a number of years now and had the sad duty to come home for her father’s funeral and came in the garments of a nun. It was quite a while before Flint could recognize her, which brought tears to her eyes but he surely made up for it when he met his early youth companion and clearly showed his gratefulness.

Yes, I am most proud to relate the above after many visits to the home to watch the actions of this most faithful and beloved of man’s best friend.
This is one dog that when his day is ended will receive human care as is deserving to such — “Man’s Best Friend.”

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