August 23, 2014

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My virgin forays into Facebook PDF Print
Monday, April 23, 2012 9:54 AM

I am relatively new to Facebook. I’ve posted a few pictures, “liked” quite a few things, hidden posts, made some comments and I have almost all my friends’ birthdays on my calendar.

I won’t say I have a Facebook problem but there are very few days I don’t peak twice or thrice.

Then I started playing Words With Friends. It’s only been a couple week but I’m finding myself checking on the three games I have going to make sure it’s not my turn. I know the whole premise behind the thing is that you can play as often or as little as you want but I hate to keep people waiting. I’ve pretty much got their schedules down so I know when to check. I still check a few more times than necessary.

It’s nothing like my husband’s former Farmville problem. He would actually plan his day around harvesting carrots and such. Really? We can’t go anywhere because your pretend corn planted on your pretend farm is almost pretend done?  Oh, OK.

He didn’t disable the email feature at first, either. Do you know how many things can happen on Facebook with 300-400 friends, who all play Farmville and other games, too? Hundreds of emails were piling up daily. So-and-so posted this on somebody’s wall. Whoseyface found a lost armadillo on his farm. Do you want to adopt it? No, I don’t. I don’t need or want an armadillo.

I promised myself I would not get into anything you had to tend to, cook, farm, make frappes, fight wizards or dig for buried treasured. I have kept that promise so far.

One of the things I don’t care for is the posts that say “like” or “share” or you hate puppies. I like puppies a lot but I’m still not “liking” or “sharing” just to prove it.

“Repost” if you love your mother. How about I call her and tell her I love her. She’s really the only one that needs to know.

I do like the ones that have cute or funny pictures and I really enjoy seeing real pictures of people I know, their children, their grandchildren. That is what I’m interested in. I like seeing what our niece in Virginia is doing or how the one in Florida doing. I’m playing Words With Friends with the one in Florida right now.

Darn, that reminds me. She’s probably played her next word by now. I’ll need to check that soon. (I do not have a problem.)
She’s also been posting some cutie patootie pictures of her dog, Bam. Sooooo cute. See, I like puppies when they grow up, too.
A friend in Van Wert posts musical artists of the day and top headlines. Not your average goings-on, either. Quirky, silly stuff.

I guess what I’m getting at is that I see the attraction and pull to belong to the Facebook nation. I get the connection everyone feels. It feels huge. I understand the power it had. Facebook has been a vehicle for a lot of things – good and bad.

Please use your Facebook power for good, not evil.
So, see ya. Gotta check Words With Friends to see if it’s my turn.
Hi. My name is Nancy. I’m a Facebook-aholic.
Hi, Nancy!


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