August 27, 2014

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Monday, April 30, 2012 11:46 AM

I was never one to want time to fly but I will be ever so grateful to see November and all of the elections in all their glory behind us. Nearly all of us by then will have been phoned, texted, emailed and of course have watched zillions of television political advertisements. It is inescapable.

Back in March during the primary, we had seven phone calls on our answering machine by noon. Bob and I would have little contests on whether it was Mr. Santorum or Mr. Romney on the other end of the line each time the phone would ring. It felt good to know we were so important but a little attention of that type goes a long way.

We always tried to listen to each call and form a valid opinion but the world of political advertising is a strange beast. There seems to be no “rules” when it comes to what they say about each other. Most of these politicians don’t seem to be accountable for the accuracy of their claims. They criticize their competitors, then they complain about the fairness of the comments made about themselves. Makes your head just swirl.

And I don’t like to be distracted by goofy statements about etch-a-sketches or other children’s silly.  Sometimes it seems like they spend way too much time explaining what they DIDN’T mean to say when they said what they meant to say (?????). (I’m confused, too!)

My biggest complaint, I think, about all this political stuff is the amount of money these guys are paying for all this that we — the average voter — might just find plain annoying. I realize we have a tendency to vote for a familiar face. (A very nice lady I know says she voted for a certain politician because he was on the same plane as her and he looked like he would be a good guy). But there comes a point when it all goes beyond the reasonable point of informing us and I just want to turn it all off.

I think I have a great idea, though, and hoping for support from the other voters. I offer this suggestion to our candidates. Forget about the 300 phone calls to my answering machine. Forget about those TV ads whose message is usually followed by an opposing candidate’s message. Forget about filling our mailboxes with flyers. If you have all this money you need to spend on your campaign,  the very same effect can be obtained if you just send me a letter with a $5 voucher (to be donated to my favorite charity), along with your picture and write me a letter telling me what you have accomplished and what you plan to do. Don’t tell me what your opponents said to his third wife or what his neighbors say about him and how he mows his lawn or how his half-cousin on his mothers side once jaywalked. I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT YOU. Let me do my own research outside of the influence of hired hands. Let me form an opinion I call my own and through discussions with informed people and a FEW informative interviews (written or televised). Give me your phone number or email and I will ask you some questions (and maybe I might just call right when you are sitting down to dinner.)

But as we all know this is but a dream...a flight of the end we all know the best “politician” will win. And then it will all start again.....

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