September 1, 2014

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This and That - Fort Jennings Veteran's Memorial PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, May 29, 2012 9:54 AM

Volunteers gathered on the afternoon of May 22 to pour concrete for the veteran’s outdoor memorial being constructed by the Jennings Memorial Hall Association.

This special memorial is in front of the Memorial Hall which was built in 1916 to honor Col. William Jennings and his soldiers who served this community during the War of 1812; also as a memorial to all men and women who serve or have served this country.

The cement has been poured in the shape of a cross. Memorial pavers with names of veterans will be in the 16 x 16 center square. Other pavers, with names of individuals, families and businesses will be displayed around the adjoining walk ways.
Flags of the USA, State of Ohio and POW will be flown on three new flag poles behind the cement cross.  Adequate night lighting will be provided.

Donations for pavers are: $100 for a 4 x 8 and $200 for an 8 x 8.  Anyone interested in purchasing a brick paver can contact Denny Wieging at 692-0735, Pat Will at 286-2782 or Jim Dickman at 286-2907 or 692-2236. Order forms are also available at the Fort Jennings American Legion Post # 715.

The Memorial Hall Association wishes to thank the Fort Jennings American Legion Post 715, the Delphos VFW Post 3035 and the Ottoville VFW Post #3740 for their great generosity during this project.

Memorial  Day  ceremonies will  be  conducted  at this location at 12:30 p.m. on Sunday.


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