August 29, 2014

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Monday, July 23, 2012 12:30 PM

Sooooo. Seems time goes even faster when you’re on vacation. It’s hard to believe since it already felt like it was in warp speed.
How does it happen? I’m minding my own business, on “vacation” (or rather a staycation) and the next thing I know, it’s three days later and I haven’t really done much of anything even though my days felt like they were pretty full.

Was Friday a blessing or what? I was up early and out trimming bushes by 9 a.m. I know that doesn’t sound early but I was trying to be nice to the neighbors. Next, I moved on and weeded the flower beds and deadheaded the roses. It looks pretty good if I do say so myself. Don’t look at the grass, though. How awful. I don’t ever recall it being so dead.  Even though we got a couple good rains, it’s still crunchy underfoot.

The hubby is still gone. I really do miss him. I was looking forward to doing some of my own stuff, like reading whenever I wanted, but I really do miss him. We have been texting a lot because he can’t have his phone ringing in the event center and he really can’t talk when he’s inside.

He has been the best Prop Uncle ever. Lotus is doing really well. She got two double platinum plus awards on the first day and is competing for world titles today. I hope they have the live feed up. I haven’t been able to watch her as I have in the past. I even called the company putting on the event. I told them I was a proud aunt who was unable to attend the actual event and I would have really enjoyed watching her online. I even suggested they could sell advertising to cover the cost. Do I work at a newspaper or what?
The nice gal who I talked to said they might have live feed today. I hope so. Lotus is breathtaking to watch. My hubby said she has really stepped it up this year.

Our little furry guy will sure be glad to see him as well. Every night, he comes to me and lays his head in my lap and then looks toward the bedroom where my husband is usually watching TV, checking his fantasy baseball or Facebooking and then looks back at me like, “Hey, where’d he go? Is he coming back?”

I’m taking little Ringo with me to pick Jay up at the airport Sunday and I can’t wait to see how he reacts to seeing for the first time in nearly nine days.

So, I have a few more days left and I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to spend them. I’m still on the first book of the stack. I find myself flipping channels on the TV and checking Facebook and Words With Friends more than anything. Someone please stop over and save me!

I have a date tonight with two of my besties. We’re ordering the new pizza we saw advertised and probably watching a movie or sitting on their patio and enjoying the evening.

Ah, there it is, I’m on vacation. I could only do that if I was on vacation.
See ya next week.


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