August 23, 2014

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Monday, September 17, 2012 9:44 AM

I went to the Jefferson/St. John’s soccer game, which was played in Fort Jennings. This is where the Jefferson girls’ soccer team has to play their home games, since they are not able to use one of the fields in Delphos to play on.
What threw me back is the Jefferson team had to carpool over to Fort Jennings and the St. John’s team was able to arrive in a bus marked “Delphos City Schools.” I understand that this was considered a home game for Jefferson but to have both teams from the same town have to travel to a different city to play their games seems a bit ridiculous.
What if one of the Jefferson girls that is the driver of the carpool vehicle gets into an accident? Who is liable?
If Jefferson is forced to play home games out of town, then the school should provide them with a bus to those games. Since the public school does not have a fieled to use, then the city should step up and help fix this issue.
St. Johns’s baseball team does not have a baseball field of their own but the City of Delphos has offered the use of the public diamonds. I am glad to see that public facilities can be supplied to a private school in need but accommodations for a public school cannot be met.
This seems to be the story of this town. Is it not time to set aside a local dispute and start doing what is best for our kids in our town?
John Miller


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