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Monday, September 17, 2012 9:44 AM

Old building being razed
Work is progressing on the razing of the oldest school structure now in existence in Delphos the St. Mary’s building at St. John’s which was erected in 1875. (Not entirely correct. The Section 10 School built in 1849 is still standing in Delphos today. R.H.) The work of removing this building is expected to be completed within the next thirty days.
When built, this building was used as school for girls while a three-story brick structure, later the German Department, was used for boys. There were then only four classrooms in the St. Mary’s building. The second floor was know as “St. Mary’s Hall” and was used theatrical productions and parish work generally.
Later the second floor was also divided into classrooms and for some years, it was used for high school purposes.
The building was condemned some years ago, a wall having cracked. Cables were used to make it possible to continue to use it for some years. It is now felt, however, that it is unsafe for further use and it was decided to tear it down.
This space will then be used for playgrounds and will also provide additional parking space for Sundays, and other days when parking space is needed.
Delphos Herald, April 6, 1955

Junior Livestock Showmanship Planned Here
The first Delphos Livestock Showmanship Contest for local 4-H Livestock Club and FFA members will be held on Sunday afternoon, August 7, it was announced today be Norbert Grothouse, general chairman.
Four divisions will be included in the contest for the farm youth. They are swine, beef cattle, dairy cattle and sheep.
The event will be staged in the Dick Grothouse woods located on the Ft. Jennings Road just south of the A.C.Y. railroad, starting at 3 p.m.
Co-sponsoring the contest are the Delphos Chapter Future Farmers of America, the 4-H Livestock Clubs and the Commercial Bank. The bank will provide trophies and ribbons for the winner of each division.
Judge for the event will be John Leonard, Van Wert implement dealer and former vocational-agriculture teacher at Van Del High School.
Besides Chairman Grothouse, other committee members are John Wellmann and Tom Nomina of the 4-H clubs and Leonard Ebbeskotte, Eugene Haunhorst an Bernard Schwinnen of the FFA Chapter.
Delphos Herald, July 20, 1955

Installation of K-C
The newly elected officers of Delphos Council, Knights of Columbus were installed at the regular meeting held Monday. Louis Kneuven, of Leipsic, the District Deputy was the installing officer.
Those officers installed were the following: Chaplain - Msgr. Carl F. Reineck, Grand Knight - Arnold Luersman, Deputy Grand Knight - Charles Bockey,  Chancellor -  William Looser, Financial Secretary - George Odenweller,  Recording Secretary - Cletus Hickey, Lecturer - Herman Hemker, Advocate - James Clark, Treasurer - James Hemker, Warden - Robert Hall, Inside Guards - Art Jauman and Howard Metzger, Publicity - Rufus Boniface, Youth Activities - Donald Gerdeman, House - Emmet Bockey, Frank Fisher and Harold Eggeman, Initiation - Elmer Hemker and Gilbert Pohl, Sick - Charles Bockey, First Ward - Hubert Haverman, Second Ward - Cletus Hickey, Third Ward - Eugene Wagner, Fourth Ward - Cyril Minning,  Northwest - Melvin Hempfling, Southwest - Herman Beckman, Northeast - Norman Knippen, Southeast - Ralph Dickrede, Landeck - Frank Wrasman, Fort Jennings - Herman Luersman, Ottoville - Ed Luersman, Spencerville - Albert Lammers.
Announcement was made that the annual K. of C. picnic will be held Sunday, July 31, at Fisher’s Grove, south of Delphos.
Delphos Herald, July 19, 1955

Sheriff Sale In Partition
The following real estate will be offered for sale at Public Auction at Courthouse, Lima, Ohio. Saturday, August 13th, 1955 at 10:30 a.m.: Tract No. 1 - Property located at 207 N. Main St., Delphos, Ohio. Occupied by Betty Jane Shop.
Tract No. 2 - Property located at 226 N. Main St., Delphos, Ohio. Occupied by Chateau. Terms of Sale - Cash
Delphos Herald, July 26, 1955

New Type Stop Signs
The city council went on record Tuesday night favoring the new four-way stop signs. A trial test was voted on and it was decided to make an example of the new system at Main and Suthoff where red, three way stop signs will be erected.
A resident of South Main Street attended the Tuesday session and told the members that a number of residents asked if something could be done about the fast driving on this street.
Councilmen decide this would be as good as any spot to try out the new system and ordered Safety Director, Edmund Wurst to erect three new red stop signs and to paint lines across this section of street.
After this was accomplished, a committee was named to make a survey of other streets needing these stop signs throughout the city. The large city map in the police station gives a good picture of the streets needing signs.
Delphos Herald, July 13, 1955

Middle Point To Sell Jail Cells
Councilmen took action to sell the jail cells which have not been used for several years. The jail was used when transportation to the county jail was a problem, but Village Marshall Robert Burton reports that when necessary the Van Wert County jail is used for the detention of prisoners. Buyers interested in purchasing the cells should contact the village officials.
Delphos Herald, Mar. 9, 1956

Three Shotgun Bearing Farmers Capture Robber
Bracey White, 27, of Nashville, Tenn., hijacked just one too many automobiles over the weekend and wound up getting caught by three shotgun bearing farmhands.
White started his crime spree in Lima Friday night when he and two accomplices held up a drug store and walked off with guns. He used one gun to hi-jack a cab driven by Frank Adams, 35, of Lima.
Adams said he was forced to drive to Beaverdam, but when White told him to drive with one hand and turn over his wallet with the other, the cabbie slowed down and leaped from the car in front of a truck stop.
The cab crashed into a tree. White clambered out unhurt, but fled after firing six shots at Adams when the latter showed up with reinforcements - several healthy truckers.
The gunman next showed up in Bluffton, where he pressed a gun against farmhand Roger Dossard, 27, and ordered him to drive.
Dossard drove, alright - straight home, unbeknownst, of course to White.
When he reached home near Findlay, he pulled up, told White, “I’m too nervous to drive,” then ran into a barn, yelling all the way for his father, Meyrel, and his brother, Earl.
They both appeared at the farmhouse door - shotguns in hand - when they heard White take six shots at their nearest kin.
White made an attempt to start the car, then hightailed it into a cornfield.
He was caught minutes later by the three men and turned over to Hancock County authorities.
Delphos Herald, July 11, 1955

Delphos’ Newest Industry
The Hagen Insulation Company is expected to start operations early next week, according to J.R. Hagen, general manager.
The installation of equipment is currently underway at the old Steinle Brewery building on East Second street. Machinery will be located on all floors of the multi-floor structure, totalling about 15,000 square feet of floor space.
Mr. Hagen reported that two shifts of five men each will be used to start with as there are a number of orders waiting to be filled. In addition, several truck drivers will also be needed. K-24 is a cellulose wood fiber insulating material applied pneumatically and is packed in 30 pound bags.
The pneumatic application machinery used in installing of the “K-24” is also manufactured by the Hagen Insulation Co. Inc. Presently it is built in Toledo but there is a possibility that their division will also be moved to Delphos.
Delphos Herald, April 7, 1955

Steeple Raising Set For This Afternoon
Raising of the copper-clad steeple on the new Trinity Methodist Church being erected at the corner of Third and Washington Streets, is scheduled for this afternoon at 12 o’clock noon, the Rev. Clarence Miller, pastor reported today.
A crane with a 100 foot boom, was brought to Delphos from Elida today, Robert Miller, contractor, erecting the new $175,000 edifice, reports.
After the 22-foot tall steeple with 4 1/2 foot cross are anchored in place, the tower and steeple will have an over-all height of 87 feet, included is the 12 foot height, white belfry.
Completion of the new church, which will cover some 9,000 square feet of ground area is scheduled next Feb.
The hanging of the 12 pane windows in the educational wing of the dual-purpose structure has been completed, and the pouring of concrete floors in nave, pastor’s study and educational unit hallway are slated for next week.
After the steeple is put in place most of the exterior work on the church, except for the slate roof will be completed.
The steeple project was originally scheduled for Oct. 11th, but had to be postponed because of the unavailability of the long boom at that time. The crane is being proved by Rohrbaugh Excavating Co. of Elida.
Delphos Herald, Oct. 22, 1955

Local Car Missing 1/2 Years
An auto reported stolen here about a year and a half ago was recovered Friday at Lima.
The auto owned by Arthur Grothouse, East Fifth street was found by Lima police, parked behind a bar in that city. The vehicle had 1954 Ohio license tags on it, which had been issued here. Apparently the auto has been parked at the bar most of the time since it was reported stolen.
Delphos Herald, Oct. 22, 1955

Schmit’s Market Gets New Look
Schmit’s Market at the corner of Second and Canal streets aren’t “painting the town red”, but they are painting the exterior of their grocery store white.
Application of the first coat of paint, started about a week ago, was completed Monday and the second coat was started with black trim on the front adding much to the appearance of the westside shopping district.
The Schmit Brother’s, Jerome, Alfred and Robert, last winter, completed the installation of tow modern apartments on the second floor of the two story building, acquired by them in may 1954.
Delphos Herald, July 26, 1955

Delphos Will Have New Super Market
Plans for another new subdivision in Delphos were revealed Tuesday by R.F. (Red) Osting of Route 3, who is the owner of a plat of ground located between West Eighth Street and North Street.
The plat includes eight home building sites and a large lot on which another super market is to be erected.
Mr. Osting asked City Council’s assurance that the plat will be accepted if he goes ahead with his plans. The plat as presented will contain seven 70 by 130.5 lots and one 60.5 by 130 plus the larger lot for the super market. The street will be a continuation of Clay Street.
The new super market is to be erected by Herman Meyer, operator of the Meyer’s IGA market at Ft. Jennings.
The building as planned will be of brick and concrete block and will have 6,000 feet of floor space. The building will face North Street and off street parking would be provided along the side and rear of the building.
Construction on another Delphos super market, being constructed by Gilbert Brandehoff on Elida Road, the former site of the Century Club, destroyed by fire some months ago is nearing completion.
Delphos Herald, Oct. 12, 1955

Delphos Man Wins Ada Archery Shoot
A Delphos archerist, H.R. Nesbitt, won first place among a filed of twenty archers at the annual shoot held by the Ada Archery Club with a 377 score. Edith Arbogast, of Alger, formerly of Delphos won top place in the women’s division by scoring 172 points.
Second place winners were James Benjamin, Ada, 358 points and Mildred Baughman, Ada, 159 points.
Trophies were awarded the winners.
Delphos Herald, Oct. 12, 1955

Toy Line Added By Local Firm
Remodeling of the Delphos Woodworking Company store on East Seventh Street has been completed and a line of toys for the children has been added.
The Delphos Woodworking Co. in addition to building of cabinets and other wood items is a retailer of electrical appliances of all types for the home. The firm is owned and operated by Leo Bendele and sons, Bob, Tom and Red.
The retail store room at the sop is 16 by 36 and has been completely remodeled. The toy line includes all types of toys for boys and girls of all ages.
The Bendeles are inviting the general public to visit their new store at any time.
Delphos Herald, Oct. 20, 1955

Public Auction of Hoaglin Township Stone Quarry located 2 miles east of Van Wert, Ohio on Route 30 then north 1/2 miles then east 1/2 miles on. Sat. October 8, 1955 at 1:30 p.m.
5 acres, more or less, including quarry hole. No buildings. Ideal place to build a swimming pool or quarry.
Hoaglin Township Trustees, Llewellyn Shaw, Clerk
Glenwood Adams, Auctioneer
Delphos Herald, Oct. 6, 1955

Reopening, Saturday, Oct. 1, Steve’s Night Club. 1/4 miles west of Delphos on U.S. 30. Dancing to Orchestra every Friday-Saturday and Sunday Night. Featuring - steaks, chops and chicken dinners. Also plate lunches.
Delphos Herald, Sept. 29, 1955

First Edition Of St. John’s Shield
The first edition of the St. John’s Shield, edited by the journalism class of the high school, is now on sale at the Cozy Confectionery. This is the first school paper at St. John’s, and also the first time that  a class in journalism has been offered.
The purpose of the paper, which will be published is to aid the English department and also to help school spirit. Although the journalism class edits the paper, contributions are also made by the English classes.
Sister Mary Delphine is the teacher for the new journalism class.
The initial volume was edited by the Senior members of the journalism class. They are: Beverly Boniface, Sue Kill, Deanne Weigle, Carol Nomina, Barbara Sickels, Carol Mechaler, Phyllis Imber, Nancy Lause, Nancy Weber, Patricia Mueller, Janice Sthal, Richard Schlagbaum, Robert Pothast, David Weisgerber, Frank Wilson, Jack Reinmeyer and Jerrold Wannemacher.
According to principal, Rev. E.C Herr, the editing staff will not be announced until the next issue in October.
Other members of the class are Dianne Brickner, Marilyn Friedrick, , Karla Lisk, Cheryl Drukemiller, Sharon Odenweller and Darly Wannemacher.
During the summer eight students, representing the school paper, attended the journalism school at Ohio University, Athens. Those attending were: Beverly Boniface, Sue Kill, Carol Nomina, Deanne Weigle, Carol Michaler, Richard Schlagbuam, Jerrold Wannemacher and Jack Reinemeyer.
Delphos Herald, Sept. 23, 1955

Round and Square Dance. Music by Slim Moor, Bonehead and the Moonshiners. TV and Radio Stars of WIMA, Lima. Wednesday Night, Septmeber 14, 1955. The Country Barn, Junction of Routes 65 and 115.
Delphos Herald, September 12, 1955


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