September 2, 2014

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Just a Thought - City Mouse vs. Country Mouse PDF Print E-mail
Monday, October 08, 2012 8:55 AM

City mouse versus country mouse. We all know the story. Well, I have now lived in both the city and the country and I have noticed a few key differences between country life and city life.

I do enjoy having neighbors to talk to in town. Living in the country, you don’t see much of the neighbors. I do enjoy the peace and quiet (that’s assuming my children are gone or asleep, of course). I never thought I’d enjoy being a country girl but it’s nice to be able to just step out in the yard and listen to the silence. It can be breathtaking.

I also love, love, love the sunrises and sunsets the country provides. The beautiful cloud formations in the sky, the gorgeous starry night once the sun goes down, the flickering display of fireflies that twinkle among the trees in the summertime — you can’t see any of that too well in the city.

I’m a big fan of dandelions, too, and there are much more of those to take in out in the country. Wildflowers and butterflies also flourish outside of the city limits and those put a smile on my face.

Perhaps one drawback of living in the country is the need to drive to get anywhere. In town, you can be a 10-second walk away from many businesses. In the country, if we need something, we have to hop in the car and go, which takes a little longer. I’ve always loved a road trip, though, no matter how long or short.

While I’ve always wanted to live in a big city like New York or Chicago, there are definitely elements of the country that I adore and never thought I’d appreciate. I like being left alone with nature. My husband loves to farm with his dad and it’s easier for him to do it living in the country. I also never thought I’d be married to a farmer but to reference the great philosopher Kenny Chesney, I think his tractor’s sexy.

Our future is now somewhat uncertain as we eventually save money to hopefully buy land and build a house. As much as I’ve always wanted to live among skyscrapers and nonstop energy, I’m surprising myself by slowly seeing more and more how I could live permanently in the quiet country and be just as content.

This country mouse would first just have to dust off all her cowboy boots.

Sara Berelsman lives in Fort Jennings with her husband and their two daughters. While she’s a big fan of cowboy boots, she also could never give up her six-inch stilettos.


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