August 20, 2014

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012 12:47 PM

We are losing freedoms it seems like almost daily. The newest one is here in Ohio. Issue 2 is presented by the backers as a fairness issue to woo voters to vote for it. I see it for what it is, trickery.
Issue 2 is about redistricting for voting which happens the year after the nationwide census is done.
We find out where every one moved to and see what changes have happened. Due to the last Census, we here in Ohio lost two Congressional seats so, the districts have to be redrawn to accommodate the loss.
Currently, the Redistricting Board is made up of one Democrat and one Republican from both houses of the State Legislature. This is four out of the seven seats. The other three seats constitutes the governor, secretary of state and the auditor of the State of Ohio. These are all elected officials we vote on. Three of these positions are statewide races and the other four positions are elected from their district and then pick by their peers from their perspective legislative body. The whole point? They are elected and we pick them.
Those who started Issue 2 talk about we need to make it a more fair by making a board to equal this out. The problem with this plan is the committee will be appointed positions — and — appointed by who? We will not be appointing these people with a vote, so why would we give up this right we have now of voting for the members of the board?
Francis German,


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