September 3, 2014

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Fire prevention is elementary PDF Print E-mail
Monday, October 22, 2012 10:47 AM

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DELPHOS — Students at Franklin, St. John’s and Landeck elementary schools participated in a fire prevention program Friday.  Delphos Fire Rescue Platoon Chief Kevin Streets introduced Kerry Blair from the National Fire Safety Council to the congregation of excited students in grades 1-4. 
Blair, the magic safety man, travels throughout Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and West Virginia captivating his audiences using illusions [magic tricks] to draw the student’s attention to the importance of fire safety. 
“Kids respond well when using magic,” Blair asserted. “I catch them off-guard with techniques that get them to learn something.”
Intertwined within the display of showmanship, Blair described the five most important safety rules to the students:
1. Do not play with fire. Stay away from the stove, candles, lighters and matches. Most home fires are started by someone playing with fire.
2. Develop a fire escape plan. At home, work with your family to lay out an escape route. Know your escape exits ­— windows and doors.
3. Check smoke alarm batteries. Replace batteries if they are not functioning. If installing new units, choose models with differing alarm sounds to differentiate a fire’s location.
4. Get out! If there is a fire, get out of the house as quick as you can. Do not collect valuables or pets.
5. Call 911. Talk with the 911 operator, answer questions and tell them all the important information.
“Fires are very dangerous,” Blair emphasized to the students, “Do not hide from firefighters because it makes their job much more dangerous.”

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