September 2, 2014

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Decker, McCormick earn top NWC football honors PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, October 31, 2012 12:11 PM

The Delphos Herald

DELPHOS — A running back from Ada and a 2-way lineman from Spencerville earned top honors at the 2012 Northwest Conference football all-conference selection meeting Monday night at Jefferson High School.
Ada senior Kellen Decker (5-11, 185) was voted Back Of The Year in the NWC and a first-team all-conference player for the third year in a row. This season, he rushed for 1,565 yards and 20 touchdowns to help lead the Bulldogs to a second-place finish in the NWC. Decker will graduate as Ada’s career rushing leader and was the only player nominated for this year’s Back of the Year award.
The NWC Lineman Of The Year is Spencerville’s Coleman McCormick. The 6-2, 260-pound senior anchored an offensive line that cleared the way for 3,374 rushing yards and an average of 40 points per game. On defense, McCormick had 55 tackles, four sacks and two fumble recoveries. He beat out Lima Central Catholic’s Ben Stolly and Ada’s Jacob Ansley for the 2012 Lineman of the Year Award.
The NWC Coach Of The Year is Jerry Cooper of LCC. Cooper led the Thunderbirds to their fifth NWC title in seven years and a perfect 10-0 regular-season record.
The full list of NWC all-conference football honors is as follows, with player’s name, team, year and points tallied:

FIRST TEAM: Quarterback-Mason Acheson (Ada, senior, 20); Tight End-Sam Huffman (LCC, senior, 14); Wide Receivers-Jacob Ansley (Ada, senior, 41), Micah Roberson (Ada, senior, 41); Running Back-Kellen Decker (Ada, senior, 72), John Smith (Spencerville, senior, 54), Jonathan Washington (LCC, senior, 52); Offensive Line-Coleman McCormick (Spencerville, senior, 89), Brent Numbers (Ada, senior, 79), Bobby Sunderhaus (LCC, senior, 62), Evan Stant (Jefferson, senior, 61), Stephen Saine (LCC, senior, 57).
SECOND TEAM: Quarterback-Colin Stolly (LCC, junior, 16); Tight Ends-Ross Thompson (Jefferson, junior, 13-t) and Matt Wilcox (Ada, junior, 13-t); Wide Receivers-Darius West (LCC, junior, 31), Lance Foor (Paulding, senior, 29); Running Backs-Zavier Buzard (Jefferson, junior, 45), Ross Stewart (Allen East, junior, 45), Malcolm Oliver (Crestview, sophomore, 39); Offensive Line-Scott Miller (Crestview, junior, 52), Lucas Shumate (Spencerville, senior, 52), Trey Roney (Columbus Grove, senior, 48), David Emans (Bluffton, senior, 39), Max McAdoo (Allen East, senior, 30).
HONORABLE MENTION: Quarterbacks-Julian Salinas (Paulding, junior, 13), Austin Jettinghoff (Jefferson, junior, 5); Tight End-Dominick Corso (Spencerville, senior, 10), Venice Roberts (Crestview, senior, 4), Nick Kohlrieser (Allen East, senior), Levi Kistler (Bluffton, sophomore); Wide Receivers-Drew Kortokrax (Jefferson, senior, 22), Blake Hoffman (Col. Grove, senior, 15), Isaiah Simerman (Crestview, junior, 9); Running Backs-Mykale Rogers (LCC, junior, 37), Dakota Vogt (Col. Grove, senior, 18), Jake Harmon (Crestview, senior, 14), Colton Miller (Spencerville, junior, 14), Zach Wilson (Bluffton, senior, 9), Quinten Wessell (Jefferson, senior, 6), Anthony Schuh (Spencerville, junior); Offensive Line-Bryce Ringwald (Spencerville, senior, 28), Josh Ream (Crestview, senior, 21), Lucas Perkins (Spencerville, junior, 17), Lucas Krouskop (Spencerville, senior, 12), Zach Kimmett (Jefferson, senior, 11), Trevor Saylor (Crestview, senior, 10), Noah Beach (Ada, sophomore, 8), Jon Cox (Allen East, senior, 6), Taylor Reineke (Bluffton, senior, 6), Geoff Ketcham (Jefferson, senior, 4).
FIRST TEAM: Defensive Line-Ben Stolly (LCC, senior, 71), Coleman McCormick (Spencerville, senior, 61), Quinten Wessell (Jefferson, senior, 57), Saed Al-olimat (Ada, junior, 56); Defensive Ends-Eli Roberson (Ada, senior,  26), Jonathan Washington (LCC, senior, 21); Linebackers-Jacob Ansley (Ada, senior, 69), Kalito Lasenby (LCC, junior, 60), Jake Harmon (Crestview, senior, 57); Defensive Backs-Collin Grothaus (Col. Grove, senior, 60), Sam Huffman (LCC, senior, 60), Darius West (LCC, junior, 57).
SECOND TEAM: Defensive Line-Austin Devier (Bluffton, senior, 46), Lucas Krouskop (Spencerville, senior, 42), Vincent Guagenti (LCC, senior, 41), Trent Vorst (Col. Grove, senior, 30); Defensive Ends-Dominick Corso (Spencerville, senior, 19), Scott Miller (Crestview, junior, 8); Linebackers-Ross Thompson (Jefferson, junior, 54), Derek Goecke (Spencerville, senior, 39), Brandon Benroth (Col. Grove, senior, 24); Defensive Backs-Matt Wilcox (Ada, junior, 36), Micah Roberson (Ada, senior, 36), Drew Kortokrax (Jefferson, senior, 36).
HONORABLE MENTION: Defensive Line-Josh Ream (Crestview, senior, 29), Trevor Saylor (Crestview, senior, 21), Grant Criblez (Allen East, senior, 16), Lane Nitchie (Ada, sophomore, 15), Colin McConnahea (Jefferson, senior, 11); Defensive Ends-Max McAdoo (Allen East, senior, 7), Issac Little (Bluffton, junior, 6), Alec Gladwell (Col. Grove, junior, 3), Zac Bland (Jefferson, senior); Linebackers-Jacob Tremoulis (LCC, senior, 22), Drake Luginbuhl (Bluffton, junior, 21), Dakota Vogt (Col. Grove, senior, 20), James Brown (Paulding, senior, 10), Cole Roberts (Spencerville, senior, 9), Blake Ansley (Ada, fresh., 7), Lucas Shumate (Spencerville, senior, 7), Dalton Hicks (Jefferson, fresh., 6), Avery Jones (Crestview, senior, 3); Defensive Backs-Malcom Oliver (Crestview, sophomore, 30), Ryan Pitts (LCC, senior, 24), Devon Cook (Spencerville, senior, 24), Robbie Stratton (Bluffton, sophomore, 23), Hunter Patton (Spencerville, senior, 9), Isaiah Simerman (Crestview, junior, 4), Chris Truesdale (Jefferson, senior, 3), Taylor Detrich (Paulding, junior, 3).
FIRST TEAM: Drew Kortokrax (Jefferson, senior, 28).
SECOND TEAM: Matt Deter (Bluffton, senior, 25).
HONORABLE MENTION: Kameron Grubaugh (Crestview, junior, 16), Isaiah Simerman (Crestview, junior, 13).
The final NWC standings for 2012 are as follows: 1. Lima Central Catholic 8-0 10-0; 2. Ada 7-1 9-1; 3. Spencerville 6-2 8-2; 4. Jefferson 4-4 6-4 and Bluffton 4-4 5-5; 6. Columbus Grove 3-5 5-5 and Crestview 3-5 5-5; 8. Allen East 1-7 2-8; 9. Paulding 0-8 0-10.


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