August 30, 2014

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Thursday, November 08, 2012 12:45 PM

The saga of first-year Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano is bringing out the good side of sports.

He was diagnosed with a treatable form of leukemia in late September and his team is rallying around him and the condition that he is suffering from.

Most of his players — including top pick Andrew Luck — are now sporting shaved heads in support of his now hairless dome after the treatments — I remember the LCC boys basketball team doing the same for a teammate a few years back.

It is a heart-warming story in the often cruel world of The League.

The team has rallied around him in other ways, like winning four of the five games since he left the sidelines.

His doctor has told us Pagano is in remission and the hope is he can return to the sidelines Dec. 30 for the regular-season finale.

Even if you are not a Colts’ fan, we can only hope so.
If only ...

Since it was on national TV, I guess I can comment on it.

I am referring to Sunday’s night’s Bob Costas interview with Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones in which he claimed he would have fired Jerry Jones as the general manager — IF he were not the owner!

Uh, what is stopping you?

Mr. Jones, you are admitting you are not doing the job. Should it matter that it’s yourself you need to — MUST — replace?

No; you are still the owner and that won’t change.

Now think as an owner — if you would have fired ANYONE else for doing such a poor job, take your own advice.

If this were someone in your oil business when you made your fortune, would you keep them around?

Did you buy the Cowboys to see them run into the ground?

I guess if you only view the franchise as a plaything, then go right ahead and keep on doing what you’re doing; however, don’t be surprised when it keeps on failing.

Even your former coach, Jimmy Johnson, who actually won a few Super Bowls before you decided you didn’t get enough “credit” — you like the “credit” now? — and had a pretty good thing going, has now criticized you for running a country club, an atmosphere not conducive to winning football games in the National Football League.
He points to a culture that doesn’t motivate players to not let their teammates down, to not embarrassing themselves or losing their job.

That, I don’t know but if anyone does ...

Now there’s the latest rumor that Sean Payton may not return as coach of the New Orleans Saints because of some technicality with The League office or some such reason and his name is being bandied about as the newest “coach” to “resurrect” the once-storied franchise from its — literally — averageness after Jason Garrett is either fired or leaves “voluntarily”.

Since this column is about my opinions on things — and you, my 25 faithful readers, are dying to know what I think on this matter of national importance! — I will give it.
It doesn’t matter who the “coach” is when Jones is the “real” one.

I was wrong about Bill Parcells coming to Dallas when he did but that didn’t last long and in all honesty, I don’t think Payton will come unless some things really change.
Neither will Jon Gruden — I think he’d have a hole in his head if he EVER came back to coaching; he’s having too much fun what he’s doing now!

As long as Jerry Jones is The Meddler — sounds like a Batman archvillain! — and backs away from being “The Guru” on all things football, they will never get a coach in there with real weight behind him.

They will make do with the newest “genius” — like Garrett was or someone who is willing to be the front man.

Too bad.

I could be wrong but it seems that after almost 20 years of these shenanigans, nothing is really going to change unless it comes from the top.

And Cowboys’ fans will grit and gnash their teeth!

Tuesday’s election results are a reminder that even if you were a world-famous athlete at one point in your life (or are related to some famous athlete), was limited to the collegiate level or made your mark as an executive or owner of a franchise, it doesn’t mean you are going to automatically be remembered in your second life, especially as a politician.

Only two former athletes got elected to their respective hoped-for posts: Jon Runyan, former NFL offensive lineman; and Fred Smith, he of the legendary Harlem Globetrotters.

Two others associated with sports won: Jim Renacci, Arena Football League owner; and Tom Rooney, of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Rooneys.

Eight others: such as former Washington Redskin “Hog” tight end Clint Didier and Jimmy Farris (NFL); as well as Connie Mack IV, the great-grandson of legendary MLB manager Connie Mack, and Linda McMahon, she of the WWE McMahons; went down in flames.

I just find that interesting how it all plays out.


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