September 2, 2014

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Monday, November 12, 2012 11:54 AM

Back in 1957, 11 young men from the area were sitting in Dickman’s Restaurant shooting the breeze and trying to solve the problems of the world.  The employment situation was not very good at the time so these guys decided to join the Army.  Nine of them went to Lima on Monday to enlist. They were:  Bob Calvelage, Bob Heitmeyer, Kenny Kramer, Gene Krietemeyer, Gene Metzger, Jim Miehls, Orville Neidert, Louie Saum and John Wittler. All nine of the young men became part of the 4th Armored Division of the U. S. Army. After surviving boot camp, eight of the guys were sent to Germany but Kenny Kramer was kept back in the states to fill a position of clerk. This was during the Berlin Crisis in Operation Gyroscope. While Bob Heitmeyer and John Wittler were stationed in Nurnberg as MP’s, the other six were stationed in Schwabisch. The best thing about their tour of duty was that four of the guys lived in the same barrack, with the other two living in the barrack next door. Their job in Germany was to guard the Czechoslovakian Border. It wasn’t just a picnic, sometimes the temperature dropped to 30 degrees below zero. This was peacetime in Bavaria so there were weekends for relaxin’ time.

Now for the project at hand. The Jennings Memorial Association has plans for a Hall of Honor (for all veterans) in the Jennings Memorial Hall. A temporary chart is in the hall but we need your help to make the list complete.

The Bicentennial Book committee could not locate a complete list of veterans.  The list in the book was compiled from church and local history books, cemetery plaques, records kept by Alfred “Jack” Schimmoeller and continued by Carl Schimmoeller and by the American Legion Post 715 membership records.
The following is a revised list of veterans of or from the community of Fort Jennings.  This includes any veteran from the town, school district, Jennings Township and parts of Jackson Township and Sugar Creek Township.  This includes those who live there now or have lived there in the past.

If you have a name to be added or a correction to be made, please call Helen Kaverman at 419-695-3378 or Dickman’s Insurance at 419-692-2236.

War of 1812 veterans - 1812 – 1814
William Cochran, Jim Cochran, Thaddeus Harris, Ellison Ladd, James Martin, James Thatcher and Elias Wallen.

Civil War - 1861 to 1865
Simon Allen, Isaac Barnes, Frederick G. Bauman or Bowman Mathias Boberg, Henry Bode, Amos Boehmer, Fred P. Bowan Jr, W. H. Chandler, Emanuel Clapper, John Discher, Lester Dunlap, Ferdinand G. Eggeman, Frederick Eggerman, John Evans, John W. Fields, Robert Good, Presley Good, William Green, John Grothaus, Theodore R. Hageman, Nathaniel Harris, Henry Hershey, Jonas Hofer, Thomas Hunt, Henry Hunter, Aaron Huysman, Walter Huysman, Adam Jamison, Francis Jamison, Henry Jenkins, Evan H. Jones, Robert Keller, Art Kortier, Bernard H. Lehmkule, Ferd Leininger, John L. McEowen, Joseph McEowen, Timothy McGill, Joseph Menke, John M. Nichols, Amos Point, Sigmund Rekart, Asbury Riggle, Isaac Riswer, Morris Roberts, Frederick G. Schuerman, Henry Schuerman, Alden Smith, Joseph Stephan, George W Sybert, Isaac Thurston, Hampton Wade, Wm Walls, Simeon Wells and John Wiechart.

World War I
6 April 1917 to 11 November 1918
Fred Arn, Edward Biedenharn, George Birkmeyer, Harold Birkmeyer, Frank. H. Broecker, Henry M. Broecker, Andrew Brokamp, Ben Calvelage, Grover H. Calvelage, Lawrence J. Calvelage, Bert Carpenter, George Dickman, Henry Dickman, Louis Dickman, August Ebbeskotte, Albert H. Fisher, Frank H. Fisher, Wilfred F. Fisher, Victor G. Greulich, John Grof, Louis W. Hanefield, William J. Hellman, Albert Hofstetter, George J. Hofstetter, Frank J. Hohenbrink, Frank Honigford, John Hunt, Elmer Kalt, Alois Kesner, Carl Kloeppel, Oscar Kloeppel, Edward A. Kortier, Jerome W. Kracht, Fred Kramer, Julius Kramer, Theodore B. Krietemeyer, Leo B. Martin, Leonard Martin, Ebbie McGue, Harold J. Miehls, Joseph Ostendorf, Lawrence Ostendorf, Elmer Raabe, Fredrick A. “Fred” Raabe, Ralph C. Raabe, Lester Ratliff, Joseph Rekhart, Bernard F. “Barney” Ricker, Christian M. “Crist” Rose, George Rumschlag, John H. Sarka, John H. Schimmoeller, Norbert Schimmoeller, Charles H. Schlatman, Nicholas H. “Nick” Schlueter Anton Slottman, Harry I. Stechschulte, Joseph A. “Joe” Suever, George Louis Suman, Robert G. Suman , George J. Von Sossan, Joseph VonSossan, William L VonSossan, Edwin L Wannemacher, Joseph Wiechart, Frank Wueller and Jacob H. Yenner.

World War I Casualty
Jacob H. Yenner

World War I Influenza Victims
Grover H. Calvelage, William J. Hellman and Elmer Kalt.

World War II Veterans
7 December 1941 to 31 December 1946
Gerald Adams, John A. Arn, Wendell D. “Bud” Askins, Paul Baumgarte, James Becker, Norman Becker, Lawrence Bensman, Leonard Bensman, Albert Berelsman, Hubert J. Berelsman, Linus Berelsman, Norbert S. Berelsman, Fred Berry, Walter Lynn Berwinkle, Alfred C. Blockberger, Fred P. Bowen Jr., Louis A. Brenner, Cleo H. Brinkman, Mary A. Brockman, Raymond L. Brockman, Carl Broecker, Elmer Broecker, George Broecker, Louis Broecker, George G. Bullis, Hilary Burgei, Bernard  “Bernie” Calvelage, Florence Calvelage, Harold Calvelage, Hubert Calvelage, Richard Calvelage, Robert Calvelage, Joseph F. Carpenter, Earl L. Chandler, Frank Columbo, Rev. John Cox, John E. Davis, Lewis E. Degroft, Elmer B. Dickman, James Dickman, Valerius “Dick” Dickman, William J. Dickman, Russell Donaldson, David B. Dray, Robert B. “Bob” Dray, Ronald Dunlap, Cletus A. Eggeman, Lawrence W. Eggeman, Gilbert Ellerbrock, Wilfred “Bill” Erhart, Sylvester H. Ernst, Leroy Etgen, James Fecker, George J. Fisher, Robert Fisher, Richard A. Friemoth, Arthur G. Gasser, Albert J. Geckle, John Geise, Louis F Geise, Leonard Gerdeman, Urban Gerker, Robert Good, Newell Gray, Victor G. Greulich, Norbert Grote, Francis T. Hageman, Harold Hamel, G. Basil Heller, John Heitzman,  Thomas Hellman, William J. Hellman, Victor H. Hoehn, Louis G. Hoffman, Anna (Youngpeter) Hofstetter, Norbert W. “Hobby” Hofstetter, John Hohenbrink, Benjamin Arthur “Art” Hughes, Oral Hughes, Leo Hunt, William Hunt, Harley “Bob” Keller, Stanley L. Kennedy, George Klausing, James B. Klausing, Franklin Kleman, James Kleman, Robert W. Kleman, Edward Klima, George Klima, Howard Kloeppel, Melvin Kloeppel, William Knippen, Arthur F. Kramer, Elmer Kramer, Kenneth F. Kramer, Harold Krietemeyer, William F. Lauf, Walter M. Laughlin, Norbert Lause, Richard Lause, Lester P. “Cappy” Leatherman, Herman Frank Luersman, James Henry Mack, Joseph Mack, Linus Mack, Donald Martin, Norman F. Martin, Kenneth McNamara, James David McWiley, Joseph Menke, Paul John Menke, Ralph Menke, Carl M. Metzger, Charles Meyer, Lawrence Meyer, Philip Meyer, Eugene J. Minnig, Thomas Minning, Clarence E. Mowery, Jerome Frederick Moenter, Donald W. Myers, John  A. Nichols, Milton E. Nichols, Ben D. Norbeck, Paul Ostendorf, Ralph J. Ostendorf, Thomas Ostendorf, Walter Ostendorf, Benjamin Plescher, James Plescher, Bernard  Plescher,  John Plescher, Raymond Plescher, Gilbert Pohl, James R. Quinn, George F. Raabe, Rudolph Raabe, Julius W. Recker,  Urban Recker, Paul Rellinger, Alvin L. Ricker, Margaret M. (Hoffman) Ricker, Paul Ricker, Arthur Rose, Leonard Rose, Ottmer Rose, Robert Rose, Wilbur H. Sadler, Norbert Saum, Alfred L. “Jack” Schimmoeller, Ernest Schimmoeller, James Schimmoeller, Roger A. Schimmoeller, Henry Schramm, Ralph Schramm, Cletus H. Schuerman, Valita A.??  Schuerman, William B. Schuerman, Alfred Seffernick,  Matthew Seffernick, William Seffernick, Benjamin E. Sergeant, Ralph Spicer, Don Stanz, Harold I. Stechshulte, Albert E. “Al” Suever, Elmer J. Suever, Joseph A. Suever, Thomas W. Swick, Albert E. Thomas Jr., John Trentman, James Tourjee, Linus Peter “Pete” Vetter, Donald E. VonLehmden, Alfred Wallenhorst, Hilary Wannemacher, Justin Wannemacher,  Robert F. Wannemacher, Roman Wannemacher,  Leander Warnecke, Richard W. Warnecke, Ed Watkins, Albert Wieging, Herbert Wieging, Leonard W. Wieging, Norman H. Wieging, Ralph W. Wieging, Vincent Wieging, Paul J. Wildenhaus, Roland J. Wildenhaus, Albert Wittler, Alberta Wittler, Elmer J. Wittler, Harold Wittler, Leander Wittler, Ralph Wittler and Francis E. Wreede.
World War II Casualties
Hubert J. Berelsman, Raymond L. Braockman, Elmer Broecker, Francis T. Hageman, William F. Lauf and Francis E. Wreede.

Korean Conflict Veterans
25 June 1950 to 32 January 1955
Hilary Allemeier, Ralph Barnhart, Albert A. Berelsman, Fred Berry, Robert K. Bigelow, Donald Broecker, Elwood “Pats” Broecker, Donald Bruskotter, Fred Calvelage, Wendell E. Dempster, Wilbur Dickman, Eugene Dray, Norman Eversole, Felix Fenbert, Raphael Fischbach, Donald A. Fisher, William I. “Bill” Gasser, Virgil Gerdeman, Elmer L. German, William “Bill” German, Thomas “Tom” Grubenhoff, John “Jack” Hanf, Frank Heitz, Ralph Heitz, Albert Hellman, George Hellman, Mark Hohenbrink, Richard Hohenbrink, Harry Howbert, Eugene Kleman, Gordon Kohls, Paul R. Korte, Kenneth F Kramer, George Krietemeyer, Norman Kunz, Charles J. Landwehr Jr., James A. Landwehr,  L. Walter M. Laughlin, Paul Legg, Norman F. Martin, Wendell W. McKee, Robert Menke, Harold “Sonny” Merschman, Robert “Jude” Meyer, Jerome Miller, Clarence E. Mowery, Joseph Pequignot, Arthur Ricker, Ralph Rode, Tom Rose, Donald E. Sadler, Kenneth L. Sadler, Richard Sadler, Thomas C. Sadler, Gerald Saum, Cleo J. “Click” Schimmoeller, Norman Schimmoeller, Thomas Schimmoeller, Paul Schramm, Richard Schuerman, Gilbert G. “Gip” Schulte, Paul J. Stechschulte, Melvin Suever, Thomas “Tom” Suever, Wilford Francis Suever, Donald Tourjee, Walter “Slim” Trenkamp, Dennis E Traynor Jr, Robert J. Vorst, Edwin L. Warnecke, Eugene Warnecke, Thomas F. Wieging, William Wieging, Leonard Wildenhaus, Eugene Wittler and Gerald J. Youngpeter.

Korean War casualty
Hilary Allemeier

Vietnam War veterans
5 August 1964 to 16 August 1973
Fred Berry, James Boehmer, Gerald Brinkman, Gerald Brockman, Paul Broecker, Michael N. Burgei, Dale Calvelage, John Calvelage, Lewis Calvelage, Ronald Calvelage, Robert Dray, Jr. Thomas Dunlap, Gary Ehrnsberger, Walter Fischer, Daniel Friemoth, Dennis Gasser, Donald Gasser, Thomas “Tom” Gasser, Robert Gerker, Carl Gerker, Robert J. Gerker, Michael Grothause, Lawrence “Larry” Heitmeyer, Lyle Heller, Harvey Hildebrand, Douglas Hoehn, Jerome Hoehn, Richard Hohenbrink, Michael Hughes, Ted W. Hunt, Patricia Hunt, Ed Jackson, Steven V. Kerner, Melvin Klima, Joseph A. Klir, Ronald Korte, Ralph. E. Kramer, Bernard G.?? Lauf, Donald Lauf, John Lucke, Ronald Mack, John Menke, David Metzger, Gerald Metzger, Ronald Metzger, Tom Metzger, Gene McGraw, Tim Michel, Kenneth Miehls, Michael “Mike” Miehls, Donald E. “Tex” Moening, Larry Moore, Tom Nichols, Steve Ostendorf, Carl Osting, Ralph Osting, Ronald Osting, Louis Pothast, John Potts, Tim Potts, David “Dave” Recker, James Recker, Robert J. Recker, Kenneth J. Rekart, George Rellinger, Tom Reynolds, Mark Rode, Michael “Mike” Rode, Thomas C. Sadler, David Schimmoeller, Raymond Schimmoeller, Robert Schuerman, Ronald Schweller, Steve Schilling, Steven Schleeter, Theodore Sealts, Robert Stanz, Daniel Stechschulte, Daniel Swick, Bernard “Sam” Utrup, James Utrup, John Vetter, Raymond Vogt, Robert VonLehmden, Sue (Odenweller) VonLehmden, Dan VonSossan, Vincent Vorst,  Ronald  Wannemacher, Philip Warnecke, Gary Wiechart, David Wieging, Dennis Wieging, Inez Wieging, Verl “Bud” Wieging, David “Dave” Will, Doyle Wittler and Ronald Young.

Peacetime veterans
Daniel Askins, Fred Askins, John Berelsman, Roger Broecker, Dale Bruskotter, Robert Calvelage, Raymond Coffey, Wendell Dempster, Steve Dickman, Tom Dickman, James “Jamie” Fischer, Jeff Fischer, James Gasser, Randy Gasser, Rick Gasser, Steve Geise, Richard German, Dale Good, Deborah (Minnig) Griffith, Ronald Grote, Darryl Hanf, Mike Hanf, Robert Heitemeyer, Robert M. “Bob” Hellman, James Hofstetter, Carol Kloeppel, George Knebel, Kenneth Kramer, Rick Kramer, Donald Krietemeyer, Eugene Krietemeyer, Roger Ladd, Timothy Landwehr, Gregory Louis McGue, Brian McNamara, James McKowen, Joseph Mesker, Eugene Metzger, Paul Metzger, Raymond Metzger Steve Metzger, William Metzger, Robert H. Meyer, Robert “Jude” Meyer, James Miehls, Larry Moore, Charles Murphy, Orville Neidert, Donald Ostendorf, Drew Roeder, Tom Rose, Brian Saum, Louis J. Saum, Louis Schimmoeller, Gilbert Schulte, Jr, Daniel Stemen, Carl Wieging, Thomas Wieging, Jeff Wittler, John Wittler and Robert Vorst.

Persian Gulf Conflict
2 August 1990 to 28 February 1991
Todd Burgei, Jamie Fischer, Randy Gasser, Monte Kleman, CharlesKnebel, Mike Knebel, Robert Knebel, Janice Kloeppel and Lynn Lucke.

Afghanistan War “Enduring Freedom”

October 2002
Michael Boehmer, Ryan Calvelage, Randy Gasser, Dayne Kimmet, Jim Landwehr, Tim Landwehr, Brandon Miller, Jeremy Neidert, Brian Recker, Kyle Recker, Matt Schram, Zach Weber and Robert Will.

Operation “Iraqi Freedom”
March 2003
Michael Boehmer, Todd Burgei, Nathan Elston, Craig Elwer, Jeffrey Fischer, Randy Gasser, David Ketcham, Sharon Maenle, Brandon Miller, Lana (McGue) Mitchell, William “BJ’ Romes, Matt Schram, Travis Tenwalde, Jason Wagner and Zach Weber.

Operation Northern Watch Turkey
Joy Noriega

West Pack Operations Japan
A. J. Noriega

National Guard
Kenneth Beining, Harold Birkemeier, Kenneth Burgei, Terry Gasser, James Grone, Andy Hofstetter, Tom Hofstetter, James McNamara, Daniel Schimmoeller and Robert VonSossan.

Coast Guard
Kevin Smith

More young men are on the delayed entry list. Following their induction, the Recker family will have three boys in the Marines and four Kleman brothers will be in other branches of the service.
We need more information on Adam Mesker, Francis Suever and Glen Carpenter.
We are proud of and thankful to all those who have served our country.


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