August 22, 2014

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Library floor fixed, Marks new page PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, November 15, 2012 2:50 PM

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DELPHOS — The Delphos Public Library Board of Trustees has been busy knocking items off its to-do list. At Wednesday’s meeting, Director Nancy Mericle announced the completion of the meeting room floor repairs by Vonderwell Contracting, Inc.; landscaping around The First Edition building by Mox Nursery; and the hiring of a new page.
“The meeting room floor is now done,” Mericle said in reference to repairs made to the floor in the back corner of the room, which was sinking. “They said it would take around four hours to drill the holes, pump the concrete in and clean up. Two hours later, they were done, cleaned up and everything. We can go in after the holes have dried and paint it all to match the surrounding tile.”

The repairs cost $935.

“After our last meeting, I called Jimmy Mox about the landscaping and he came by and did some groundwork,” Mericle continued. “Then he said he had a few other jobs to complete before he could get started. He came back about a week ago and completed the project. He gave us exactly what we asked for, which was low-maintenance plants.”
Money for the landscaping will be taken out of a $300 donation from the Green Thumb Garden Club and from the remainder of the library’s funds from the Dienstberger Foundation.

As for the new page, Mericle says the selected candidate should be able to start soon.

“We narrowed them down and decided to go with Emily Marks, a young girl from Jefferson,” she said. “She’s still getting her physical and other things together for her work release but I’ll be giving her a call soon and we’ll maybe get her started next week.”

Another project the board saw completed this month was the wall decorations for The First Edition Building. The board hired Sign Pro Imaging to enlarge old  black and white photographs of Delphos and make canvas prints of them to display on the building’s walls.

“We have the prints here and all that remains is for us to hang them up,” Mericle said. “I left it to them to determine the sizes of the prints based on the quality of the images and they turned out really well. This is also a good way for businesses in town and people who use this building to see that we have these pictures at the library, in case they want to use them, too.”

As the library finished three projects, two more popped up in their place.

“Our boilers are inspected yearly and this year we didn’t pass,” Mericle said. “We need temperature operator controls and water check valves. I called Reliable Plumbing & Heating and they ordered those parts. As soon as they come in, they’ll be over here to take care of that.”

Another thing is the dust problem that’s come up in The First Edition. Every time we come over here there’s a layer of something that looks a little like sawdust coating everything. We called Servpro of Lima, they do commercial duct cleaning, and they said it could be from the drywall or the cement. We didn’t notice it in the summer with the air conditioning. It’s only with the heater on. It’s getting to be a nuisance. Every time someone uses the building we have to clean everything off. Servpro quoted us $625 to fix it.”

The board gave Mericle permission to approve the quote by Servpro.

In other news, the board is seeking a new library director to fill Mericle’s shoes and accepted resignation of Technology Coodinator Margaret Suever.


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