September 1, 2014

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Letters to the Editor
Letter to the Editor - Heiing PDF Print
Monday, March 04, 2013 10:32 AM


I am writing in response to the person that attacked the character of Delphos St. John’s fans based on “Hear say” — if you didn’t attend the games, how can you have an opinion??

In the many games that I attended in person over the years, I’ve seen the newspaper reading act used by the student cheering section many times. As a matter as fact during big tournament games in the late 1970’s at Ottawa-Glandorf, we pulled out newspapers on more than one occasion. Delphos St.John’s game with New Breman for first place in the M.A.C. certainly qualified as a big game. It’s not being rude as you stated, but good clean fun between opposing schools.

Your second put down of St. John’s was the removal of “clothing” from the Ottoville fans before the match up with the Lady Jays. Our school didn’t allow the fans to bring in boxing gloves inside the gym for obvious reasons. If you actually attend an Ottoville girls game along the tournament trail, the O.H.S.A.A. also says you can not bring in signs, banners, or noise makers to the game.

Also, wanted to give high marks to Ottoville’s Coach Kleman. He silenced the Ottoville student cheering section during pregame warmups when they were harassing a certain Lady Jays player. He then again told them to stop the chant “double digits” in the 3rd period when DSJ finally got its 10th point. Coach Kleman is a class act and showed the real meaning of sportsmanship. Good Luck to the Big Green for a deep run in the tournaments.

Delphos St. John’s fans are not rude — they simply support their high school athletes just like any other community would support their team.

Thank You

Larry Heiing

1981 Ottawa-Glandorf graduate

current Delphos St. John’s fan


Letter to the Editor - Ferda PDF Print
Monday, February 18, 2013 9:49 AM


I defended you. I worked on your first campaign. In the rain, in the snow and in the cold I went door to door campaigning for you. I debated others who jeered and belittled you. I acknowledged your short comings but defended your stances. I didn’t always agree with everything you said or did. I didn’t like when you went back on your promise to close Guantanamo Bay. I was angered that you called Ahmadinejad after his farce of win, when all other world leaders refused. I haven’t agreed with your policies in Iraq but still I defended you. I didn’t agree with all aspects of your budget, but I did commend the fact that you finally were putting the unaccounted for wars into the budget, I applauded your call for transparency in government. I cringed when I learned you didn’t mean it for yourself. But yet, I still defended you.

I cheered with approval on how you supported the rights of women and your monumental stance on gay rights. I couldn’t believe that after all your anti-Bush statements that you continued to not only infringe on American rights by using the Patriot Act, you also continued our human rights violating tactics used by the previous administration. I defended you against ignorant and racist comments. I defended many of your actions because you have faced and dealt with more disasters than any other president in history.

I defended you during the second election. I was disenchanted but I knew your social stances were a step forward when your opponents were from a previous era. I knew that the same corporations were funding both of you but yet I still believed in you. I defended you when others called you a socialist. I wouldn’t have cared if you were in fact Muslim because religious affiliation, in this country, should not matter. I died inside watching the death toll rise on innocent civilians that were considered “collateral damage” by way of drone strikes.

I defended you even though you have continued and increased the endless folly that is our drug war and your extension of that to raiding and putting pressure on honest citizens. I felt pity as you made endless promises to the Latino community, only to drop the hammer harder on them than before. I defended you when people clutched their Bibles and guns when you proposed sensible gun legislation. I was stunned when you signed the National Defense Authorization Act. I have defended you more times than I can count.

After 9/11 President Bush stood on the precipice, one decision could’ve place him firmly in the annuals of history as a great president who rose above hatred and ignorance. Sadly he chose the latter. He should’ve been impeached. His cabinet and Vice President Cheney should’ve been brought before the world court to answer for their war crimes. You too had that moment. You have constantly tried to show the American people that you are relatable and now you’ve proven it. You’re just like the previous president, just like the previous administration. The audacity that you now openly boast about using drones strikes against American citizens is above and beyond reproach.

At one point I would’ve been proud and honored to meet you; to shake your hand. But you have severely marred our flag and the memory of what it stood for. Any good you do now is just noise falling upon deaf ears.

I defended you. And you Mr. President have failed me, you have failed us.

A disenfranchised citizen,

James Ferda

Letter to the Editor~ Bonifas PDF Print
Monday, January 21, 2013 3:28 PM



One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, … 25, … 50, … 75, … 100, … 200, … 250, … 500, … 750, … 1,000, … 1,500, … 2,000, … 2,500, … 3,000, … 3,500 and more.


Just in the United States of America.

Sam Bonifas


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Letters to the Editor ~Jettinghoff and Ryba PDF Print
Wednesday, December 19, 2012 1:53 PM

Dear area residents,
We want to thank everyone who helped make the first annual “Betty Honigford” Christmas Decorating Contest a success. Thanks to all the enthusiastic and hard-working participants. We were so happy for your involvement and we admired your willingness to enter the contest in its first year. You’ve spread so much cheer in our community and we’ve heard so many positive comments about all the houses. The decorations were wonderful! Each decorated house had special elements and they were all so beautiful in their own way.
Thanks to all of our judges, for doing such a difficult job in such a thoughtful manner. We were grateful we did not have the unenviable task of selecting the winners. Thanks to Nancy Spencer for her help, encouragement and willingness to provide coverage of the event. Nancy, you went out of your way to generate interest in this event and support for us. Thanks for running all over town with us to take pictures and present prizes. Your pictures absolutely captured the artistry of the houses.
Thanks to Jennifer Moenter for inviting us to participate in the Hometown Christmas Celebration.
Thanks to Annette Brown for helping to design and make the People’s Choice banner.
Thanks to the employees of the banks and the city building for spreading the word about the contest, helping with the registration forms, and providing such a cute space for people to vote for their favorite.
Christmas isn’t always a happy time. We know we are not alone in missing someone at this time who was so central to every holiday and all the happiness associated with it. The life of one person does affect  the lives of so many others. Mom would have loved the lights! Thanks for your help in keeping her bountiful kindness and irrepressible spirit alive. We can all make a difference in the life of someone else.
Glad tidings and good cheer,
We hope to see you again next year!
Bev Jettinghoff and Meghan Ryba

Letters to the Editor ~Heitz PDF Print
Wednesday, December 19, 2012 1:53 PM

Thanks for the colorful pictures of the winning Christmas houses’ decorating contest.  I am happy to have the addresses so my family may view these winners.
The grand prize winner, The Hamiltons, have lit up Landeck for several years. This house greets everyone with a sparkling Merry Christmas. No one knows that as I drive past decorated houses I often smile and joyfully say, “Merry Christmas to you also!”
Tim Hamilton not only decorates his own house but he made festive the Landeck signs with lights as well as the flag pole area by Landeck school. I would be remiss if I did not give credit to his wife, Jo, as well as his children, Jacob and Logan, without whose cooperation, this project could not be completed. Thanks to the Hamiltons.
Tim and his buddies, Kent Wrasman, and Gary Gerdeman also give of their time to hang the seasonal banners in Landeck. I really appreciate their helping this little village look good.
Merry Christmas
Catherine Heitz


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