Thank you for your interest in The Delphos Herald and The Dart.

Keeping our readers informed about local community issues has been a tradition in Delphos for over 138 years. The first issue of The Delphos Herald rolled off the press in 1869 as a weekly newspaper. Mr. D.H. Tolan was the publisher of the paper and the population of Delphos at the time was 1,667. Another paper was also being published at this time called The Delphos Courant. Clair Tolan, son of the original publisher, took over the operation of The Herald in 1894 and converted it to The Delphos Daily Herald. In 1910 the Delphos Printing and Publishing Company was formed and took over the operations of both The Herald and the Courant and continued to publish both.

Today, The Herald is the leader in the Tri-County area for local and society news, town council meetings, school and sports coverage, obituaries and more. Our advertisers rely on The Delphos Herald to get their message out to potential customers in the Delphos, Fort Jennings, Ottoville, and Spencerville areas. The current daily circulation of The Herald is 2,200.

Each Saturday, advertisers are able to reach more than 9,000 additional households in the area with The Dart. This publication is well known for carrying a variety of advertisements, including all the area grocery store flyers, Kohls and Menards inserts, PLUS MORE, to areas that include Fort Jennings, Spencerville, Ottoville, Van Wert, Middle Point, and other area communities.

No other publication can match the coverage of the Tri-County Area like The Delphos Herald and The Dart. Our location, situated right where the counties of Allen, Putnam, and Van Wert meet, gives us a unique coverage area that no other publication can duplicate. What this means to our advertisers is simple, we can bring an entire market area to their doorstep.