Buckeye Trail Association
Buckeye Trail Association

June 4 will be the Buckeye Trail Association’s third annual Biggest Day Hike, hosted on National Trails Day. National Trails Day, which occurs on the first Saturday of June each year, recognizes federal, state and local trails that provide recreation and access to nature. The Buckeye Trail Association is encouraging everyone around Ohio to hike a little bit of the trail to see how much Ohioans can hike together in one day. In 2021, 230 participants collectively hiked 1,254 miles or 87% of the Buckeye Trail. This year, the Buckeye Trail Association hopes for Ohioans to collectively hike the entire 1,450 miles of the Buckeye Trail together. Participants are welcome to bike the portions where bikes are allowed, horseback where horses are allowed, and even kayak where rivers are parallel to the trail. Please double check where alternate activities are permitted to avoid excessive wear on footpaths.

Buckeye Trail’s Biggest Day Hike is a completely free event. Registration can be found on the front page of buckeyetrail.org.

For more information or if you have any questions, please email us at: BigDayHike@buckeyetrail.org

If you’d like to share your BDH photos on June 4th, tag us at @buckeyetrailassociation and #buckeyetrail #biggestdayhike in the photo posts on Instagram and/or Facebook. You can also email us at BigDayHike@buckeyetrail.org

The Buckeye Trail Association is the leader in building, maintaining, protecting and promoting use of Ohio’s longest scenic hiking trail for our citizens, communities and partners. We provide outdoor recreation, opportunities to volunteer, education, access to the varied resources of Ohio and local economic benefits

You can learn more about us at buckeyetrail.org, or contact us at info@buckeyetrail.org.