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DELPHOS — Delphos City Council dispatched a short agenda rather quickly Monday evening.

Council was about to hear on third reading the ordinance giving non-union personnel a raise retroactive to Jan. 1 when Councilman Josh Bayliff ask that the measure be tabled for a second time for discussion. Law Director Andy Knueve told Bayliff the measure had already been tabled once and could not be tabled again. Council was either going to have to pass it or vote it down.

Bayliff then called for an executive session for elected officials and the safety service director to discuss the ordinance. After a short session, council returned and Bayliff asked an amendment to the ordinance to keep the fire chief’s pay at the same rate as last year.

The measure passed unanimously. The salary range for all permanent full-time non-union administrative personnel of the city will be: Safety/Service Director, $2,425.59 - $3,031.97; Chief of Police — $2,043.79-$2,554.74; Chief of the Fire Department - $2,003.72-$2,504.65; Superintendent of Water - $2,024.37-$2,530.47; Superintendent of Wastewater - $2,024.37-$2,530.47; Maintenance Superintendent - $1,862.24-$2,530.47; Superintendent of Park Maintenance - $1,862.24-$2,327.80; Administrative Sergeant of the Police - $1,687.79-$2,110.10; Assistant Superintendent of Wastewater - $1,797.95-$2,247.46 (Class 3), $1,759.76-$2,039.70 (Class 2); Assistant Superintendent of Water - $1,797.95-$2,247.46 (Class 3), $1,759.76-$2,039.70 (Class 2).

The hourly wage for all permanent full-time and part-time non-union administrative personnel shall be bi-weekly as follows: Administrative Assistant - full time - $19.30-$20.20; Deputy Auditor - full time - $19.30.

These increases note a 2% raise.

The compensation for volunteer firefighters and volunteer Rescue shall be as follows and payable bi-weekly: EMT-Basic - $30 per transport; EMT-Intermediate - $35 per transport; EMT- Paramedic - $40 per transport; Volunteer Firefighters - $15 per hour per call; and Rescue Personnel - $15 per stand by status or non-transport.

The compensation for Intermittent Firefighter/EMT employees shall be a follows and payable bi-weekly:36 hour Firefighter/EMT basic - $10.25; 36 hours Firefighter/EMT intermediate - $10.50; 36 hour Firefighter/ EMT Paramedic - $10.75; Level 1 Firefighter/EMT Basic - $11.25; Level 1 Firefighter/EMT intermediate - $11.50; Level 1 Firefighter/EMT Paramedic - $11.75; Level 2 Firefighter/EMT basic - $12.25; Level 2 Firefighter/EMT intermediate - $12.50; and Level 2 firefighter/EMT paramedic - $12.75.

The hourly pay for Auxiliary Patrolman shall be $15 in the event that it becomes necessary in the Police Department to employ additional patrolmen, by reason of an emergency or during the absence or vacation of any regular employee of the Police Department, the compensation of such additional employee or employees doing the same as a patrolman.

Council heard on first reading an ordinance allowing the unneeded, obsolete or unfit personal property of the city to be sold through internet auction on The sales fees to be paid by the City of Delphos for such internet auction service shall be 5%. The buyer will be required to pay a 7.5% fee.

According to the resolution, bidding shall remain open for not less than 14 days, including Saturdays, Sundays and legal holiday.

The terms of payment shall be credit card, PayPal or wire transfer, payment in full on or before the date of delivery to the successful bidder; further, the successful bidder shall be solely responsible for all acts and expenses associated with the delivery of such item(s) so purchased.

Safety Service Director Jamie Mehaffie called an executive session prior to the close of the meeting and with no further business, council adjourned after the session.