You’ve probably seen a few of the DNA kit commercials on TV and wondered is it worth it. I know I have! I debate with myself about getting one because I figure what will I really learn that I don’t already know. I know one ancestor came from Luxembourg and the rest of my ancestors came from Germany.

But then I watched “Relative Race.”

Relative Race, found at, is BYUtv’s (Brigham Young University) hit reality show that uses DNA to help teams discover new family members while racing across the country and completing two different challenges. Unlike some other genealogy television programs, the individuals seeking their ancestry are not well-known celebrities.

I watched the first season in 2016 and enjoyed it but I didn’t keep up with the show. Then I noticed a mention of it the other day on one of the Genealogy facebook groups I belong to. Since then I’ve binge watched Season 2 and am now caught up on Season 3

“Relative Race” follows four teams, black, blue, green and red, on a 10-day journey throughout the United States as they complete challenges, discover unknown relatives identified through DNA testing and compete for a $50,000 grand prize. For the first time ever, season three features a father and son team, as well as two sisters, in addition to two married couples.

Armed with only paper maps, a loaner car and a flip phone with a camera, but no GPS or Internet connections, each day the couples receive instructions via text message to navigate to a designated city and complete two challenges that lead them to their previously unknown relatives. All in a allocated time. They will then stay overnight with a new relative they meet in each city,

Each night, the team that takes the most time to navigate to a designated city, complete their challenges and find their relative receives a strike. If a couple receives three strikes, they are eliminated from the race. At the end of the race, the winning team walks away with the cash prize.

Debuting on March 4, this years, Season three of “Relative Race” began in Washington, D.C and runs for 10 episodes on BYUtv, with Episode 9 on this Sunday April 29 and the final next Sunday. The show is available for streaming on, AppleTV, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Roku, Amazon FireTV, iOS and Android.

After watching the show I’ve decided to buy a DNA kit, since they are on sale and it would make a good Mother’s Day gift to myself.

On another note I want to tell all the Hoersten relatives out there that I’ve started a Facebook page called “The Hoersten Clan” We have 28 members so far and I’m hoping more will join. I’ve posted genealogy info, photos (the accompanying photo is an example) and will add more as the days go by. So if you are a Hoersten relative please join. Believe me if you’re a Hoersten, by birth or marriage, your related.