Jule Kettelholt-Lohmann
Jule Kettelholt-Lohmann
DELPHOS — Four young students from Verl, Germany, are in search of host families for an exchange visit this fall.

The students usually arrive in late July and return to Germany in early December. Families in the Delphos school district who have school-aged children in the home are needed as host families, who would be responsible for providing housing with adequate privacy. Host parents are also subject to background checks.

The students can attend either St. John’s or Jefferson high school.

Interested families can contact Rick Hanser by phone 419-863-0703 or by email at friendshiplink@roadrunner.com.

The students are Jule Kettelholt-Lohmann, Noelle Leckebusch, Laura Martens and Felicitas Mersch. Here are the letters they wrote for their prospective host families.

Dear Host Family:

Hello, my name is Jule and I’m fourteen years old.

I’m from Verl, I live together with my two little siblings, Malte who is ten years old, Nele who is eight years old, my parents Henrich and Veronika and our two little dogs Lilly and Kalle. We also have a little hamster called Twix.

We live a bit away from the city in the countryside next to a farm with horses, chicken and some cats. My family is very important to me, we try to spend as much time together as possible. I really like cooking together with my mum or helping my brother and sister with their homework. Our family is very musical, we all play the piano and enjoy playing it together too.

At the moment I’m attending year 9 at “Gymnasium Verl.” Before I went there, I visited a Catholic elementary school. My favorite subjects at school are English, French, History and Politics studies.

In my leisure time I play soccer at our local soccer club, the “SC Verl.” I usually train two times a week and have a match every weekend. I enjoy being outside and doing sports. From time to time, I go out horseback riding in the woods, too. In winter, I love skiing with my whole family, but unfortunately we need to go to Austria for this, which is quite far. I also like meeting my friends, to go shopping, swimming or watching movies at the cinema. Moreover, I am really into reading and listening to music. My favorite book is “Inkheart” by Cornelia Funke and most of my favorite songs are from Ariana Grande, who I really adore.

Traveling is a big passion of me, too. Last summer, we went to the Caribbean, to the Dominican Republic, which was wonderful and in my autumn holidays I went to Amsterdam with my mum. There we visited the “Reich’s” museum, which was quite interesting and inspiring. We saw some of Van Gogh’s paintings, too.

I love meeting new people and it has been a dream of mine since I was a little child to live in America for a few months. Unfortunately, my family and I could not go to America yet. But anyways I would love to get the opportunity to improve my English skills, to strength my personality and to get to know your family and traditions. I am open-minded forwards your way of life and really would like to adapt to your everyday life.

To receive an invitation to visit your family and country would be the greatest thing for me.

Jule Kettelholt-Lohmann

Dear Host Family:

My name is Noelle Leckebusch and I am a fourteen-year-old girl from Germany, more specifically from Verl. I live here together with my parents Elke and Detlef and my older brother Jannis, who was in Delphos this year.

We like to spend time together as a family on holidays or at the weekend. We do activities like watching movies, going swimming, visiting the cinema or other cool things. I also like visiting my grandparents because I love to listen to their stories. My father has many siblings so I have a big family, which means that we visit a lot of birthday parties, where I can play with my younger cousins or talk with the other family members.

At the moment, I am attending year 9 at “Gymnasium Verl” our high school. My favorite subjects are English, Art, History and PE. Since the age of six I am doing horseback riding with passion. Meanwhile, I train 2-3 times a week and still have a lot of fun. Otherwise, I like to do other sports like going to the gym, going jogging or inline skating in the nature.

In my free time, I love hanging out with my friends at parties, sleepovers or in school. One of my best friends is Janika. She is in the same year but not in the same class. We spend as much time together as we can. Mostly, we just eat sweets together and talk, watch movies, take pictures or do school stuff. Going shopping with my other best friends Laurine, Jule and Lara is another of my favorite hobbies.

I started being creative as a child, painting pictures. I love cutting old clothes apart and tailoring them into new ones, I do some decoration by myself and I started to take up photography.

Both of my parents work till 6 pm, which means that I have to cook my lunch by myself. I started to love cooking and baking and I developed a new passion there. So, I am trying to help my parents with preparing dinner, cleaning the dishes and cutting the lawn.

A student exchange to America has been one of my biggest dreams since I was little. I am interested in meeting new people and their traditions, culture and daily life. I love traveling and I’d like to see as much of the world as I can because you only live once and doing nothing is no choice for me. That’s why I took part in the one-week student exchange to Belarus this year. I also thought about living in America and this exchange could help me with my decision.

I want to get better at speaking English and hope that I could become more self-confident. So I hope we can make some great experiences together.

Noelle Leckebusch

Dear host family,

First of all, I would thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend four months in the United States of America. In order for you to get to know me, I would to give you a little impression on my life and why I want to study in the United States of America. I am Laura and I am sixteen years old. My parents, my thirteen-year-old sister and I live in a city in the west of Germany. It is called Verl and has about 25000 inhabitants. Verl is known for the worldwide operating kitchen factory Nobilia.

Since I was a baby girl my family and I have liked to travel all over the world. I enjoy our trips every time. So I have seen a lot different countries of the world, but I have never been in the United States of America.

As I started dreaming to go abroad by myself, I applied for an exchange at my school, which gave me the opportunity to spend one week in Spain in a host family. I am very excited about getting to know other ways of life.

However, I also like spending time with my family at home, because they are an important part of my life. I also try to help them wherever I can, for example cleaning the dishes, helping to cook or cleaning with the vacuum cleaner.

I go to the tenth grade in a German Secondary School in the centre of Verl. Because English is a subject I really like at school, I have started dreaming about going abroad about one year ago. The schools in Germany are a bit different than the American schools. I know that the American schools have a lot more and different subjects than we have, which is one reason why I would like to study in the United States of America.

A big part of my life is volleyball. I have training with my team three times a week. And at the weekend we have matches against other teams. It isn’t important to win. It’s more important to have fun. Whenever I spent time with my friends, we have a lot of fun and we like to go outside, go swimming, or go shopping. While we do these things, we talk and laugh a lot. That is something I really enjoy doing.

I have always been interested in getting to know new things. That is why I am looking forward to experiencing the American way of life and learning new things about your country and your culture.

Thank you for taking your time and reading my letter. Hopefully you got a nice impression on my life and who I am. I would love to hear from you very soon if you would like to be my host family.

Yours sincerely,

Laura Martens

Dear Host family,

My name is Felicitas Mersch and I am 15 years old.

I would like to spend four months abroad in Delphos because I would like to improve my written and spoken English skills and learn more about the country, traditions and the American way of life. During this summer, I had the chance to stay in London for two weeks and I enjoyed being a member of another family. This time I would like to have more time to get to know new people, make new friends and learn more about a foreign culture and a different school system. Another reason is that I would like to strengthen my whole personality and I think after these months I will be more independent.

Now I would like to introduce myself and start with my big family.

My parents’ names are Claudia (53) and Winfried (56). I have four sisters Olivia (13), Sophia (21), Charlotte (25) and Johanna (28). Our dog Hagen is also a part of my family. Olivia, my parents and I live in a house with a garden next to my grandparents Waltraud (79) and Hans (81) in Verl. My other sisters have already moved out. In the summer, we like to go sailing in Hannover where we have a little holiday apartment. During the winter, we like to go skiing with friends.

In my free time I also play handball in a team, meet my friends, spend time with my family and do different sport activities for example sailing and running. I also like to cook, especially to try out new recipes. My favorite dish is sweet potato fries — they are so delicious.

Because of the fact that I play handball in a team and since I have a big family, I am a flexible person and open-minded towards new situations and challenges.

Right now, I go to “Gesamtschule Verl”, a secondary school in Verl. My favorite subjects are of course English and Physical Education. I think that English will be very important for my future work life because it is needed for lots of job opportunities. This is another reason for me to apply for the stay in Delphos.

You should also know something about my health. I have type 1 diabetes and therefore I have to take insulin. I have learned to deal with it and I am prepared to handle it by myself. So all in all, my nutrition and physical activities are not restricted.

I would be very glad to spend four months in Delphos and to become a part of your family!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Felicitas Mersch