DELPHOS — Concerns about the home seating and the football field at Stadium Park were voiced during a Parks and Rec Committee meeting prior to the regular council meeting Monday.

City Administration, Parks and Rec Superintendent Craig Mansfield and both local schools’ athletic directors have been meeting on the issue.

“Both schools approached me about renovations of the stadium,” Mansfield said. “A core study was done on the stadium structure in 2008. It wasn’t good then and is no better now.”

Mansfield noted that when it rains, the stadium leaks in four or five places through the concrete.

“The roof area over the pump room for the pool needs repaired now,” Mansfield said. “This structure is 80 years old. Do we keep patching or look at something else.”

The condition of the football field was also discussed with artificial turf as the preferred replacement.

“By the end of the season, the field is a little rough,” St. John’s Athletic Director Todd Schulte said. “It changes the way we play our game.”

Demolition of the stadium has been estimated at $65,000 and free-standing bleachers with seating for 1,750 is approximately $275-$300 per seat. The turf replacement is $700,000.

The project will be a joint effort between both schools, the city and any other groups and individuals who would like to volunteer their time, expertise and/or money.

“I know we can get a lot of in-kind labor for this and I’m hoping we can reduce the cost of the turf replacement with help from volunteers,” Mansfield said.

These issues will continue to be discussed with a goal of having something in place for the 2021 football season.

The Delphos Maintenance Department will be the new owner of a 2005 Ford F550 diesel bucket truck.

Safety Service Director Shane Coleman requested approval for the purchase at Monday’s council meeting, stating there were safety concerns with the city’s current equipment.

“We have an opportunity to purchase the truck from ODOT before it goes to public auction,” Coleman explained.

The cost is $7,000 for the bucket truck, which does need repairs. Mechanics familiar with the vehicle have quoted a best-case scenario of an EGR cooler for $1,400; or worst-case scenario, a head gasket at $6,000.

Maintenance Superintendent Ben Suever told council he has been pricing vehicles and even with the worst-case of a head gasket, the bucket truck would still be a bargain. The truck passed inspection and has had all the hydraulics replaced.

Council approved no more than $16,000 for the purchase and repair of the bucket truck. There are sufficient funds in the department’s vehicle maintenance fund if the repairs are more than expected.

In legislative matters, council considered on second reading a related ordinance and resolution to pursue a renewal from taxpayers for a .25-percent income tax for the Parks and Recreation Departments. First approved in 2014 and renewed three years later, the existing .25-percent tax generates approximately $400,000 annually for the city. The renewal tax levy is anticipated to appear on the March 17, 2020, ballot.

Council also reviewed heard on second reading the 2020 Temporary Appropriations Ordinance, initially indicating a General Fund total outlay of $2,547,268 and total appropriations of $10,233,768. Three more finance committee meetings are scheduled to be held at the conclusion of the next four regular council meetings to garner input and fine-tune the budget for ultimate passage.

An ordinance addressing the compensation of non-union employees and department supervisors was provided to council for their second review, indicating an increase of approximately 2 percent across the board.

Councilman Mark Clement inquired how long the city still had with the current refuse contract and if at the time of renewal, if weekly recycle could be discussed.

“I know someone who has an overflowing recycle cart every two weeks and to prevent recyclables from getting put in with regular trash, if it was picked up every week, it would be better,” Clement said.

Coleman advised Clement an additional recycle cart could be requested and said any resident could request an additional cart.

Bagged leaf pick up is scheduled in Delphos for Thursday and Friday and again on Nov. 21 and 22, during regular trash pick up. Bagged leaves should be set to the curb.

The Kiwanis Club of Delphos asked for street closures for the upcoming Hometown Christmas celebration on Dec. 6. Second Street from Main to Franklin Street will be closed from 5-9:30 p.m. Activities begin at 6 p.m. and the Santa Parade will step off from the Delphos Herald parking lot at 6:30 p.m. traveling south on Main Street and then east on Second Street, ending at Santa’s House near First Financial Bank drive through. The city will be offering a $5 discount on pool passes for 2020 pool season sold during the celebration; an offer that was well received this past year.