Flocking Fundraiser
Flocking Fundraiser
LIMA — A fundraiser is being held this summer by the Friends of the Lima Symphony Orchestra. This lighthearted fundraiser, affectionately known as “flocking,” is a way to bring visibility to the symphony while concert halls are shuttered and bring some much needed joy and playfulness to Lima during these unusual times.

Fundraiser details:

Warning! Warning! Flamingos are Coming!

Get ready, Lima. The Friends of the Symphony Flamboyance of Flamingos is on the move. Observers in Lima and the surrounding areas are predicting a huge infestation of pink flamingos this year. Infestations of this kind lead to the highly contagious condition of “Being flocked”!

Pink Flamingos love to migrate from yard to yard but have no sense of direction. They need your help and support. Guidance and support for this flock should only be attempted by trained professionals. Fortunately, our Flock Removal Technicians are highly trained.

To participate:

To flock your friends, protect your lawn from the flock with flocking insurance, or have a flock removed, please contact Erin Grim for further flocking at 419-634-3746 or ejmgrim@gmail.com. You may also get information and flock applications from the Lima Symphony website at limasymphony.com/friends-of-the-symphony.

The Friends of the Symphony is working hard to “keep the music going” in Lima and the surrounding areas. Our programs are active in many communities. We can keep these activities with your support. We hope you enjoy our fabulous flamingo flock and appreciate the spirit and goodwill with which it was intended. All proceed go directly to benefit the Lima Symphony Orchestra.

For more information about the Lima Symphony Orchestra or for tickets, please contact the Lima Symphony at 419-222-5701 or www.limasymphony.com.

Friends of the Symphony:

Since 1955, the Friends of the Symphony have been enthusiastically supporting the Lima Symphony Orchestra. Their creativity, passion and commitment have driven them to great success in not only financially assisting the symphony, but also enhancing our cultural offerings. Our members feel strongly about the presence of music in our community and the important role that the orchestra plays. The Friends stay active throughout the year with their social events, fundraising and the Young Artist Competition and are always happy to welcome new members. The Friends hold festive luncheons before most concerts that offer a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming performance and an informal discussion with the guest artist.

Take advantage of this opportunity to get to know our outstanding music director and incredible guest artists while enjoying a sneak preview of the coming concerts. These luncheons are held at Shawnee Country Club the Friday before each concert. To RSVP for the luncheon or for more information on joining Friends of the Symphony, call Barb Darr at 419-991-3277.