Are we going to have the bright, pretty colored fall leaves or not? Maybe the trees don’t know it’s Fall. After all, weather in general has been crazy different than it used to be, and maybe it’s got the trees all mixed up. The corn and soybean harvest isn’t as confused as the trees, though. The crops are coming off, the wheat is being planted and a lot of it is already up and nice and green with the recent rain.

Everyone and every thing is ultimately preparing for winter, which, some sources predict a warm winter and some sources say cold and above average snowfall. Confusion abounds!

Thankfully, that’s not the case here at the Thrift Shop. We’re certainly not confused about how grateful we are for our wonderful group of dedicated volunteers. The first of this month, we held a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. It was just a small way to say a huge, huge “thank you” for the big job they do. There has never been a monthly board meeting where we’ve not mentioned what a great, hard-working group we have here. We are so fortunate to have your help. Whether you’ve been volunteering for many, many years, or just recently joined us, we sincerely appreciate everything you do. If you’re not already volunteering some of your time, please consider joining our “family.” Give the Shop a call at 419-692-2942 and talk with Volunteer Coordinator Barb Haggard or Executive Director Becky Strayer. Bring a whole group of your friends and have fun while you volunteer for such a worthwhile mission.

This will be the last week for Halloween items and costumes, so if you’ve procrastinated, you better hurry in. Then, Christmas items will come out in full force. There’s already quite a bit out but we continue to get it in and try to get the new items out as quickly as possible. Next week, we’ll start to put out our Christmas trees and as room allows, we’ll continue to put out trees. We have beautiful wreaths for your doors and windows, all kinds of little knick-knacks for your shelves and pretty towels for the kitchen and bath.

While you’re here, browse through and pick out a pretty, warm sweater to wear for the holidays or for a cold day this winter. We have our fancy, dressy clothing out for your holiday parties. Stop in and pick out a cute frilly little dress or handsome little suit for the kiddos’ Christmas pictures. As always, the selection continually changes, so stop in often.

The Toy Department has a lot of nice items, too. Pick up a cute teddy bear or toy train or story book to use as a prop in their Christmas picture. We have all kinds of stocking stuffers. We even have the stockings, too!

We have a good selection of winter coats and boots. We live in Ohio, so it will snow, and we will have a snow day or two, so be prepared to have them dressed for outdoor fun! Mittens and gloves and scarves all get wet, so pick up a couple extra sets of them. Remember, the snowmen they build will need to be “dressed,” too.

Pray for a safe harvest season, have a family fun night raking leaves and toasting marshmallows, get lots of Halloween treats, and just simply have a great Fall!

Many thanks to the organizers of the Zombie Walk. Your efforts resulted in a very nice donation to the Thrift Shop’s Food Pantry. A very special thank you goes to the contributors of the food items that were collected that afternoon. If your group or organization would like a list of the “most-needed” items, please contact the shop at 419-692-2942. All donations are much appreciated whether you do it singularly or as a group. There is much need in our community.

From the Thrift Shop, that’s this month’s report.