Death of a Pioneer

Elizabeth, wife of the late John Christopher Moennig, and mother of our prominent fellow citizens, H. J. and F. H. Moennig, died at the residence of the former on Thursday August 26, 1875 at the home of 91/2 o’clock p. m. after a protracted illness of four years, aged 68 years and 4 months. The deceased with her husband emigrated from Germany to this country in 1843 and they, with a few others, constituted the little band of pioneers who entered the wilderness where since has sprung up Delphos with its thrifty population of nearly four thousand people. She was a zealous member of the Catholic Church and was buried in its rites on Sunday, her remains being followed to the grave by a large concourse of [sobbing] relatives and friends.

(printed 16 September 1875 in “Allen County Democrat” Lima, Ohio)

Johan Christopher Monnig was born 2 January 1804 to Johann Diderich and Maria Elisabeth (Vornthorn) Monnig in Bohmte, Osnabruck, Niedersachsen, Germany. On 18 November 1828, in Saint Johannes Catholic Church, Bohmte, Osnabruck, Niedersachsen, Germany, he was married to Maria Elisabeth Altelliehard?, born 1 May 1807 to Johann ??? and Anna Maria (Schellmeyer) Altelliehard? in Bohmte, Osnabruck, Niedersachsen, Germany.

The family of Christopher and Elisabeth Monnig had journeyed across the Atlantic aboard the “General Veasie?” to land in New Orleans on 8 November 1843.

Listed on the passenger list were:

Christopher, age 39,

Elisabeth, age 36,

Diderich (Christopher’s father) age 65,

August, age 17, (have not found how he is related)

(Children of Christopher)

Heinrich, age 14,

Wilhelm, age 11,

Maria, age 7,

Engel, age 4,

Herman, age 5 weeks


Engel, age 19, (not sure how she is related)

From New Orleans the party proceeded to Cincinnati, Ohio, in the same month, and there remained three months, finally moving to Delphos, locating here 2 March 1844. The trip was made by the canal from Cincinnati to Piqua and then by wagon. At that time Delphos was known as Section Ten.

Children born to Christopher and Elisabeth:

— Johan Heinrich was born 15 January 1830, at Bohmte, Osnabruck, Niedersachsen, Germany. On 6 August 1857 in Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Delphos he was married to Maria Bernadina Bredeick, the ceremony being performed by Rev. John Otto Bredeick, her uncle. Maria Bernadina Bredeick, was born at Glandorf, Putnam County on 16 June 1839, the daughter of Ferdinand and Maria Anna Elizabeth (Wrocklage) Bredeick, her father being the founder of Section Ten, now known as Delphos

Johan Heinrich “Henry J.” Moennig assisted his father in clearing the latter’s land, which now is embraced in the northeastern part of Delphos and lies in Allen County. Entering commercial life he was employed as clerk by the firm of Esch & Wrocklage, taking up his duties on July 5, 1847. He remained with this ?rm until October, 1852, when he engaged in general merchandising with Joseph Ostendorf, the firm being known as Ostendorf & Moennig. He was thus engaged in mercantile business from 1852 to 1862. In October of the latter year he engaged in a general merchandise business on the southeast corner of Main and Second streets under the firm name of Moennig & Wulfhorst. In 1866 he erected the building on the corner of Main and Second streets which he conducted under the name of H. J. Moennig & Company until 1880. In 1875 he erected the building that was occupied by the National Bank of Delphos.

Johan Heinrich “Henry” Moennig died 17 October 1897 and Maria Bernadine (Bredeick) Moennig died 31 March 1912. Both are buried in St. John’s Cemetery, Delphos.

— Johan Frederick William was born 29 May 1833 in Bohmte, Osnabruck, Niedersachsen, Germany. On 16 December 1855 in Allen County, Ohio he married Maria Luisa Trame born 6 January 1838 in Glandorf to Heinrich and Maria Gertrud (Frey) Trame. Maria Luisa (Trame) Moennig died 26 November 1893 in Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee and Johan Frederick William Moennig died 28 January 1903 in Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee where he was survived by his second wife and five children.

— Anna Maria Juliana was born on 27 September 1836 in Bohmte, Osnabruck, Niedersachsen, Germany and became the second wife in 1854 to Henry Joseph Gerdemann, born 18 December 1820 in Vinte, Neuenkirchen, Osnabruck, Niedersachsen, Germany to Johann Heinrich and Catherine Maria (Hinrichsen) Gerdemann. Henry Joseph Gerdeman died 16 December 1903 and Anna Maria Julianna (Moennig) Gerdeman died 19 October 1905. They and all their children are buried in St. John’s Cemetery, Delphos.

— Maria Engel “Angelica” was born 11 January 1840 in Bohmte, Osnabruck, Niedersachsen, Germany Engel was listed aboard the “General Veasie?” at age 4, when it arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana on 8 November1843. “The History of Allen County” biography book published in 1885 lists Maria Engel “Angelica” as deceased. No other information was found on Maria Engel Monnig.

— Herman Ferdinand was born 7 August 1843 in Bohmte, Osnabruck, Niedersachsen, Germany. Herman is listed as 5 weeks old on the passenger list of the “General Veasie.” Herman Ferdinand Monnig died 28 September 1845 and is buried in St. John’s Cemetery, Delphos.

— Herman Frederick was born 24 December 1846 in Delphos, Allen County, Ohio. On Herman Frederick’s baptism his mother is listed as Maria Elizabeth Wighardt. I believe this is incorrect. All record lead to Anna Maria Elizabeth (Altelliehard?) Monnig as his mother. In 1865 in Lima Herman Frederick was married to Maria Catharina Schumacher, born 21 November 1846 in Woodville, Sandusky County, Ohio. Maria Catharina (Schumacher) Moennig died 12 August 1912 and Herman Frederick Moennig died 15 March 1915. Both are buried in St. John’s Cemetery, Delphos.

Johan Christopher Moennig died on Wednesday, 23 August 1871, at the home of his son, Henry J. Moennig, at the age of 67 and Anna Maria Elizabeth (Altelliehard?) Moennig died four years and three days later, also in the home of her son Henry, on 26 August 1875. Both are buried in St. John’s Cemetery, Delphos.