Due to the heavy traffic which the Lincoln Highway is carrying this year, certain elementary road regulations are urged by the National Association for the Mutual Benefit of the Tourists and the community through they pass.

Motorists from every state in the union are using the great transcontinental road and in the course of the journey across the country, are encountering new conditions and situations which call for careful driving judgment.

The principal requisite on the part of the driver is a spirit of fair-mindedness and the willingness to do his share in going half way to accommodate his fellow driver. There is no room on the Lincoln Highway for the road hog or the joy rider.

(This was only a year after the highway opened and was mud some of the time. R.H.)

Delphos Herald, July 17, 1916


A strange well

At Thompson Falls in western Montana there is a well from which a small current of air constantly flows. In summer, the air is 35 degrees Fahrenheit, which is about that of a refrigerator.

The owner of the land on which the well is found has built a small room of tightly-fitted lumber over the well, which is right beside the house; in this room, he keeps all the perishable food his family uses. His store is not far away and he has built a room in the basement of that building that is connected with the well by an underground pipe. The pipe there has a damper that can be closed or opened by means of a chain that runs through the floor to the office above. There he keeps all the perishable merchandise that he has for sale.

The current of air is very nearly constant in temperature. In the winter, it is warmer than the outside air and the storeroom can be used to articles from freezing.

No satisfactory explanation of the reason for this current of air has been found. No open passage was encountered when the well was dry.

Delphos Herald, Dec. 18, 1916


Aeronaut and the Pan-American Congress

Alberto Santos-Dumont, the Brazilian aeronaut enlivened the proceedings of the Pan-American Scientific Congress the other day by predicting that the aeroplane would be the instrument by which the goal of internationalism would be achieved in the Western Hemisphere.

The aeroplane would serve as a means of defense for coast patrol, would promote communication, aid in commercial interchange and overcome existing problems of time and space, in his opinion.

“I believe that the aeroplane,” he said. “Will knit the various states of the hemisphere into a united, co-operating and friendly combination, allied for their own well-being in trade and commerce as well as for strength in times of possible war.”

In support of the prophecy, the Aero Club of America offered a $10,000 pan-American aviation trophy to be competed for annually by representatives of the nations of the Western Hemisphere.

“All European countries,” said Mr. Santos Dumont, “are old enemies. Here in the new world, we should all be friends. We should all be friends. We should be able to intimidate any European power contemplating war.”

Delphos Herald, Feb. 9, 1916


New Bowling Alley to Open in Delphos

A.J. Wilhelm opened his pool and billiard room and bowling alley in the People’s block two south rooms Tuesday. The alleys are new but the other stock was moved by the owner from the Herrick block. A good business featured his opening. It is said that bowling is a preventative of appendicitis as well as a cure for chronic cases of that affliction.

Delphos Herald, Feb. 21, 1916


Delphos Athletic Club

The Delphos Athletic Club is the name of a company that was organized at a meeting held in the Fluer-de-lis club rooms Wednesday evening.

The new club has purchased and taken over the active management of the Eagles baseball club of this city and in the future, this club, through its appointed officers, will have complete charge of all the activity of Delphos’ representative baseball organization.

The officers of the club are as follows: H.C. Laing, president; John Dell, treasurer; Carl Roth, secretary and general manager; and Guy Tilton playing manager.

The club is a stock company and was organized by Ed. Fortener, purely in the interest of baseball in Delphos and while the stockholders do not expect to make a fortune from their investment, they do expect to present a class ball club to the fans of the community.

Delphos Herald, July 20, 1916


Mrs. Alex Lindeman Injured in Accident

Mrs. Alex Lindeman is suffering from a broken wrist as the result of an accident Sunday afternoon about five miles west of Delphos on the Sommerset Road. The accident occurred when the right front wheel came loose from the axle causing the car to be hurled into the ditch. The machine was occupied by Mrs. and Mrs. Alex Lindeman, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Lange and son Carl and daughter Edna. The occupants considered themselves very fortunate that no more serious injuries to themselves were sustained than those mentioned. The top of the machine was broken loose when it came into contact with a telephone pole. The car also had a broken windshield. It is said that a cotter pin on the lock nut of the front spindle was missing, allowing the wheel to become detached from the axle.

Delphos Herald, July 10, 1916


Two Men Arrested on Drunk and Disorderly Charge

More than a month ago, D. R. and H.B., both of this city, were participants in an escapade which occurred in a barber shop owned by Fred Decker on West Second Street. At that time, they were arrested by Policeman Oelberg and when they pleaded guilty to drunk and disorderly charges, they were fined. Both of the men were without friends and both promised to pay their fines if they were released. Mayor Lea Sure, wishing to be lenient, decided to release the men on their own honor. But after waiting a number of weeks for them to pay their fines, the mayor decided he had been too lenient and ordered their arrest. After giving no satisfactory excuse for not paying their fines, the mayor sentenced them to work on the streets until the fines and costs were paid. Service Director Truesdale had them cutting weeds and repairing Clime Street Monday and Tuesday.

Delphos Herald, July 10, 1916


Officers for Catholic Lawn Fete

A partial list of the officers who will have charge of the first of two lawn fetes to be given by ladies of St. John’s congregation was given Wednesday. All the officers have been chosen for the event. The following ladies to serve: Mrs. B.W. Dalk, president; Mrs. Louis Moenter, vice president; Mrs. David Jettinghoff, secretary; Mrs. Carl Lindemann, assistant secretary; Mrs. Barny Lindemann, treasurer. The date for the lawn fete is August 1 and the ladies in charge will leave nothing undone to make the event a great success.

Delphos Herald, July 12, 1916

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