Our town has many gems that make it great to live here, such as our parks, schools, churches, service groups, etc. But two gems that sometimes don’t get the attention they deserve are our museums: the Delphos Canal Museum and the Museum of Postal History (MPH).

These two institutions not only bring culture and history to our town, they bring tourists, too. The two museums have had over 2,000 visitors in 2017 from 25 states and four countries. Many visitors are from Delphos or the surrounding area and include schools, church groups, social groups, class reunions, etc. But among the visitors are numerous groups from across Ohio. Historical societies, car clubs, bus tours and just people interested in history.

On a recent cold, snowy Saturday, a van load of folks from the Lorain County/Huron County area arrived in Delphos. They spent Friday visiting the Armstrong Museum in Wapakoneta and headed to our town to see our sights on Saturday. They received guided tours of both museums, spending nearly two hours enjoying our town. And on their way to the Allen County Museum in Lima, they stopped at St. John’s Church to see its historic glory. No doubt they returned home to share their very positive impressions of our hometown. They vowed to return to see the rest of our history.

The list of events at our museums is long and amazing. The Museum of Postal History hosted the book tour of an author from England, who wrote a book on American stamps, meetings of several state historical organizations and the state meeting of the Lincoln Highway Association. And don’t forget the Delphie Exhibit.

The Canal Museum’s “Celebrate Christmas” is one of the largest collections of beautifully decorated Christmas trees in northwest Ohio and they also exhibit the only authentic canal boat remains in Ohio, if not the US.

New exhibits displaying some of the hundreds of thousands of stamps at the MPH are in the works along with an expanded Leslie Peltier exhibit at the Canal Museum.

Great things are happening in both Main Street buildings.

The continued success or failure of these two hometown institutions depends solely on us. Both operate entirely on donations and fundraisers and both rely heavily on the wonderful work of volunteers. But there is always a need for more. If you love Delphos and want to make it a better place to live, join us in supporting these wonderful hometown museums. You can make a monetary donation, every dollar, or 20, helps. Or, if you want to have more fun, volunteer. You can help by opening the museums on a weekend where you’ll get the chance to meet visitors from all over Ohio and the U.S. It’s always fun to show them around and brag about your town. And you’re sure to hear personal stories about the mail and post offices and canals and player pianos. If you have a little creativity and a love of history, you can help create exhibits to show off our extensive collections.

There’s a place for everyone. Join us to make the place we live a better place to live.